Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treating

We went trick or treating tonight from 4-6. We tried to walk around with Aunt Amy and everyone; however, Bryce and Clara walk extremely slow and were not in a hurry to get to the houses. It was cute... they were happy getting there when they got there, no rush! Bryce was very tired at the beginning (note the crabby looking picture below), but was happy by the end. This was Clara's first real trick or treating. She went for the past two years; however, the first year she was a little flower laying in the wagon, last year she was a cute tinkerbell but staying in the stroller most of the time and only went to one house. So, this year was her year... she was all ready to go... she got so many compliments on how cute she looked. Just look at the little cutie, she wore cute sunglasses that even matched her candy container. She ate as many lollipops as she could during the walk. Bryce ate some candy as well. He became Aunt She She's buddy for most of the time. He even convinced her to carry his candy the entire time.
The trick or treating crew: Bryce, Clara, Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, She She, Aunt Amy, Gavin, Makenna, Melissa and her dad, Cindy and Ian.
Clara's shoe kept falling off just like Cinderella's slipper. It was really funny by the end. Daddy was her Prince Charming that helped her with her shoe.

This is just one of the buckets of candy we got... we have another from today and 2 bags from last weekend at the parade. We definitely won't be allowed to eat it all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is the view you see as you drive up our driveway. Straight ahead is where the future parking will be. In the pictures below you will see the area dug out for our house. Sorry, it was dusk when I took the pictures so they are dark. This area was fairly flat to begin with, but you can see how far they dug down to place the basement. The back will be backfilled in towards the house.

Blood work

I just got home from getting blood work. I cannot wait until we find out what is wrong with me. I have not been myself since I was bitten by the tick. My entire body is acky and weak throughout the day. I am exhuasted by lunchtime. I am looking forward to hearing from my doctor. I will keep in touch when I know anything.

Halloween Parade

On Sunday, we went to Amy and Jeremy's house to watch the parade. It was bitter sweet. Brian and I loved having our friends and family over to our house for the parade and this year and from now on will not be able to do that anymore. We missed our friends and their children joining us and our kids for the parade. However, we did have a nice time.
Clara and Bryce could not wait to put on their costumes that Grammy bought for them. Clara is Cinderella or as we call her "Clarabella" and Bryce is Lightning McQueen but he called himself "Pop Pop". He put on the race suit and wanted to be a jeep racecar driver like Pop Pop. It was cute... he immediately wanted to go outside and drive his jeep. Here are some pictures of the day.

After the parade, we decorated candy apples... they both loved decorating but neither of them ate theirs.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jonathan's Birthday

I can't believe it!!! Jonathan turned 3 on October 10th. Cathie had a great party planned with a real pony and all. I created the invitations that were sent out. Jonathan loved his party. He rode the pony as much as he could. Bryce rode the pony 2 times and he enjoyed himself. Clara rode the pony once and was very happy with only riding it once. She was scared by a horse at the Bloomsburg Fair two weekends ago.

Pumpkin Patch

Bryce and I enjoyed his first field trip to the pumpkin patch on October 14th. Bryce was so excited. We drove to the pumpkin patch with Aunt Becky and Emma. Bryce and Emma sat in the back talking and chatting up a storm. They were so funny to listen to. When we arrived at the pumpkin patch, Bryce was so excited to go see his teachers and board the hayride. During the hayride, the driver pretended to run out of gas. He chose 4 children to go to the "scary" house and knock and ask for some gas. Emma was chosen to go tip toe down to the building. Bryce and I watched as the children approached the house. They knocked and heard a knock back. Then a little old lady came out and joined us on the hayride. She shared the story, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, which is one of my favorite Halloween stories. Afterwards, we continued until we arrived at the patch. Bryce had a tough time choosing a pumpkin, in fact, it wasn't until his teacher came over, that he chose a pumpkin... She asked how it was going and I said that he wasn't happy, because he was trying to find a "big one." Then she said, "How about this one Bryce?" He was very happy with it and the decision was done. Too funny. I am used to being the teacher, not the mom. We then went through a corn maze. We had so much fun!!!

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