Monday, March 30, 2009


I have two boys in my class that are "ladies men." The one in the morning fell in love with me before the year began when he first saw my picture on my welcome letter. His mom told me that he loves me... even more than her. It was cute... mom wasn't upset (a little sad, but knew it was a cute thing). Well, today she informed me that I am now "out" and my student teacher is his new love. It is adorable. In my afternoon, I have a child who calls himself a ladies man and asked my student teacher to marry him today. You got to love the willingness to express themselves and how they feel. I hope they keep that willingness throughout their lives and continue to tell the girls in their lives how they truly feel. (Hopefully, they choose people who are appropriate for their own age.) :)

Today I am grateful for...
technology- can't wait to use the smartboard tomorrow to teach a phonemic awareness lesson
figuring out how to use the smartboard with ease
"Ladies men" and their cute ways
Children trying to wink when they can only blink
A day with my students tomorrow teaching (I get to teach the whole day) *I know you are thinking, don't you do that everyday, but not when you have a student teacher.
Gushers.... love them.
Chili- comfort food for dinner
a warm blanket
Sydney White- watching that movie while I work
Time to do school work while the children are outside playing
An appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow.
Day 0's- get to wear jeans
Jammies- just love them
progress on the house- beams go up on Sunday

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Tonight I am grateful for..
sleeping children
Pajama crops
new inventory
finishing sample of kit
time to work on class samples
organizing my class stuff for thursday
creating pixie stick flowers for benefit
time to scrapbook
knowing people who can help us with our house (connections- we love to barter)
time laughing after the crop outside
Anger Management - Goooooosfraba!
dance ensemble
my family
my sister watching the kids for us to go to see the show
my dad and his help with the house
for how stong my mom is how she taught me to be strong (strength of all the women in my family) Every woman in my family has worked...
openmindness of people
spending time with Clara scrapbooking
reading bedtime books
Clara's incredible vocabulary
Bryce's incredible imagination
reminiscing college life
student teachers
quick trip to the grocery store
excellent sleep tonight...

DT call

Paper Popsicles is having a DT call... check it out here...
I know I will be applying... I just received my really cute owl stamp from them and used it on a few layouts today.


The Winner of the 100th post is........... Buffy. MaryAnn, I will have something for you for posting at the next Campbell's Soup Challenge if you are there for entering.

What a fun pajama crop today! I created some of my quick creations layouts as well as some pixie stick flowers to sell at the Locks for Love fundraiser this weekend.

Here is #2 for the Quick Creations for April- can't wait to add pictures at easter.

Bloomsburg University

Brian and I enjoyed our trip down memoring lane on Friday night. We talked the entire drive up about memories we had, things we wanted to do and people we wanted to call while we were there. At the show, one of our previous students, who attended the 1st Dance Ensemble show, in currently a Junior and a great dancer. The advisors of the ensemble, introduced the two of us during the show. They also asked us to come back next year and dance. The girls and guys did a great job. There are 150 members in the ensemble. Our favorite routine was the African routine... it was superb. We got a hold of Ann Marie, whose daughter Alexis, was one of our absolute favorite dancers... we named Clara's middle name after her. We didn't get to meet up, but we did get to talk. Ann Marie sent us a picture of Alexis, she is so beautiful. We also got to talk to Danielle who runs the Bloomsburg Studio of Dance. We are planning on meeting up with her soon as well. It was a great trip!

On Saturday, we spent time with my family... watching Step it up 2- taking it to the streets (loved it), lunch (Clara going poopy on the potty @ restaurant), feeding fish and ducks with Grandpa, then scrapping with Clara at Amy's store. It was a great night... I am just finishing watching Anger Management for the 3rd time... got to return it tomorrow when I go scrapbook!
I just made a sample of my kit and added Easter stickers to it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My 100th post

Yeah, this is my 100th post! Leave a comment on this post by Sunday, March 29th and have a chance to win a pack of Jillibean sprouts- I have brown sprouts on white that I will give away.

Since Brian and I are heading back to Bloomsburg University this weekend- place where we met- share a favorite memory either from college or from when you met your significant other.

Brian and I met during the 1st meeting of the Dance Ensemble which I helped create in college. We are going to see their annual show tomorrow night. I read in the Alumni news that the ensemble is one of the biggest organizations now and they have over 100 members... it was about 30 when Brian and I belonged! I can't wait to see the show!

I will choose a random number to choose who to give the sprouts too! Thanks for playing!

Scrapping the Music Challenge

This week's song is Taylor Swift's White Horse. I chose the lyric "That face of an Angel". Here is my entry this week!

Basement floor and new neighbor

Below is a picture of our radiant in floor heating system that Brian put in this past weekend.Yesterday, we had the floor of the basement can see the plumbing that Brian did for the entire house sticking out of it.
Here is a picture of our new neighbor who moved in behind the house. Isn't he beautiful!

The subfloor and the decking should be the next thing to be worked on at the house.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thinking back...

It has been so long since Bryce and Clara were born, well not really, but it feels that way. Reason I mention it, is because two of my close co-workers have been pregnant this year. One of them has already delivered an adorable baby girl and the other is ready to any day. I am so happy and excited for her. She doesn't know what she is having, so I am excited to find out. I don't have a gut feeling this time, which I normally do. Ever since I was a child, I have been correctly guessing what sex the unborn baby will be. I had the gut feeling of a girl first for her then it changed to a boy... so I can't wait to see! There has been lots of baby shopping for these two ladies as well... man there is really cute stuff out there. (Not enough to push me to have a third child) so, I thought I would share a few baby photos of my two since that has been what I have been talking a lot about lately... pregnancy, labor and delivery.
Bryce used to love to put things on his nose and make piggie sounds... we would giggle forever!
Some of my favorite pictures of Clara...
Here is a picture of me with Makenna... she turns 3 soon!
Tonight I am grateful...
to remember that new baby smell
to have loved to have been pregnant both times
to love having friends who are pregnant so you can share in their excitement
to be able to wear jeans tomorrow
to be going to bed within 1o minutes
for comfort food
for creative ideas
for the movie Anger Managment
for the new blog- Goosfraba News
to be falling asleep...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Simple Abundance

A package arrived for me about 2 weeks ago. It was a book ordered from Ebay called Simple Abundance. I didn't order the book and after paging through it, it looked interesting; however, I wasn't ready to read it yet, since I didn't know or understand where it came from.

Funny thing, well funny now that we took care of it, my identity was stolen on ebay and someone was buying and selling things with my user name. We finally got it straightened out the day that the book arrived.

Yesterday, I get an email from a dear friend who moved to Vermont. She asked me if a book arrived. She had bought it for me for my birthday and sent it directly to me. I am going to start reading the book tonight. I know that if Tina picked it out, I will enjoy it. I will share more after reading it. Thanks Tina!

Tonight I am grateful for...
a new book to enjoy
time snuggling in bed with the kids
Clara's interest in pooping on the potty
Bryce's speech developing (when I got home tonight, he could tell me how he helped Grammy make Blueberry Crumb Cake and what ingredients he used.)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Campbell Soup Challenge #2

I give you the recipe to your card/ layout, an hour, and a winner will be chosen at the end. Use the ingredients below to create your card, 1 page or 2 page layout.

The Soup Challenge Cards #2
~ opposite colors on the color wheel (ex. green and red, yellow and purple)
~ something you have had in your stash for awhile
~ alphabet stickers
~ chipboard


Quote from my fortune cookie...

Don't be afraid of opposition remember, a kite rises against the wind.

Layouts to share

My camera left a bad flash on a few of the layouts. Love the sassafrass lass line.


Today, I spent the day at Scrapbooking's Inn scrapbooking... then we finished our night watching Anger Management which is one of my new favorite movies. In fact, I borrowed it and am about to watch it again. I had a very frustrating day on and off and all I can say is Goosfraba! You have got to rent it if you haven't seen it.

Scrapping Questions

Questions posted on Paper Popsicles blog...
How long have you been scrapping?
I have been scrapbooking since college which is over 12 years ago.

What is your fav adhesive?
ATG gun

Cardstock you can't live without?

Do you prefer acrylic or rubber stamps?
Definitely acrylic stamps

Pigment or dye ink?
Dye ink

Patterned paper preferences?
Any beautiful pattern, I love all patterns, especially dots and stripes

Fav paper manufacturer?
I am currently in love with Jillibean Soup and Sassafrass Lass

What style scrapper are you?
I am a clean lines, photo centric scrapper

How often do you craft?
I would love to say daily- weekly if I am lucky

Do you make cards?
Yes, I hope I get better at making them.

Do you send the cards you make?
Yes, I give them away

Snack while you scrap?
Yes, chocolate or whatever I am hungry for

Scrap with your stash?
Most of the time, but I love new things

Do you just have to have the current releases?
Yes, I do...

Are addicted to scrapping?

Fav rubber stamp manufacturer?
Stampin Up

Do you have a stamp you always use?
Journaling stamps- but I love them all

Flowers for embellishments?
Yep, but starting to outgrow them.

WHY do you scrapbook?
To preserve memories and because I love it!

fav tool?

Least fav tool?
Anything that is not working at the moment

Copy and paste these questions into your blog and post a link to my comments.

Winner of Blog Candy

I won Mr. Hoot on the Paper Popsicles blog... thanks! Can't wait to get him... as you can see from my blog, I just love owls. Don't forget to check out their site...

Scrapping the Music

Here is my take on this week's challenge- We will rock you

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I created two slideshows today on the right side of my blog. The first one is of pictures of the foundation being put in. The second one are layouts that I have created. Enjoy!


Lots of scrapping went on today. I plan on taking pictures tomorrow at the store of my layouts that I have been busily working on to share with you. I also plan on posting the next challenge by tomorrow night. I love my new template with the owl on my blog. Brian said he heard an owl today at the property.

Tonight I am grateful for...
Clara pooping on the potty
Bryce's speech progressing nicely
Brian sending me to scrapbook tomorrow
cuteness of owls
picking paint color for the doors, windows and trim
choosing paint colors for the inside of the house (wow)
radient floor heat
jammie days (gotta love them)
magic shell on ice cream (going to go get some soon)
House- can't wait to watch this week's episode
new scrapbook products
belly laughs

Congratulations Clara!!!!

Big News: Clara asked to go Poopy on the Potty and went!!! 2 different times today! She got her big girl spinning toothbrush and her barbie doll afterwards. She is so proud of herself.

What a wonderful day we have had so far!

Friday, March 20, 2009


We are being given this kitchen for our house including the appliances, cabinets and countertops. White was not the color scheme, but it is beautiful until we are able to change it for a different one.Today I am grateful for...
this kitchen
playing go fish with Bryce
dancing with the kids
time spent with the kids tonight
jammie day tomorrow
being able to post on both blogs tonight
a great first week with my student teacher
Clara and I sharing my lobster, crab cake and asparagus
Bryce loving asparagus too
the amount of scrapbooking I am going to do this weekend
good night's sleep
Bryce's kisses
Clara's kisses

Bryce's birthday party

Bryce and Pop Pop

Clara was so cute and happy for her brother.

He was so happy to have his friend Ian over for the party, and was very sad when he had to leave. He misses playing with Ian.

Birthday hats were a hit with both Bryce and Clara this year.

He loved his cakes.
Bryce was so happy that Emma came over!

Layouts to share

I have been very busy creating lately...

This is one of the layouts for my next Quick Creations class- learn how to use masks to create the negative space for titles and embellishments.

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