Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Nov 20th

Bryce and I attended his Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday at his preschool. The feast began with 3 groups of children saying what they are thankful for. Each group was seated on the floor in front of the "Fall Trees" which were the k-kids who held their thankful leaves. Each k-kid held 1-2 leaves and they were plucked from the trees by a teacher who gave the leaf to the preschooler who then went to the director of the school and read into a microphone what he/she was thankful for. When it was Bryce's turn, he proudly went up to his teacher and said "I am thankful for my train tracks!" He said it loud and clear and proudly. What growth he has shown just from the last party where he bearly would speak into the microphone.

The class then sang 2 songs, the November Chicken Soup with Rice song, and my favorite "Albequerque Turkey". They made a class Albequerque Turkey that Emma "won" to take home. Although many parents hoped not to get picked for the turkey, since he is so large... I had my fingers crossed, because it would fit in the log cabin so well... there is always next year!

After singing, it was time to dance, so we all made a large oval and did the Hokey Pokey and The Noble Duke of York. During the Noble Duke of York, we danced up and down the middle of the 2 lines.

We worked up an appetite from dancing so let the feast begin! The preschoolers each help cut up the fruit salad and helped make the muffins. We sat with Emma and her Pop to each. We had a blast!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Red Door

Bryce is making such progress academically... he is constantly taking everything in that we are doing... he is beginning to say sounds for letters, which is an area he lacked. However, he is now very interested and can name numerous sounds for the letters. At dinner tonight, he was excited to tell us letters, sounds and words. At bedtime, he wanted to practice sign language. He learned the sign for bathroom, how to spell his name as well as numerous family names including... Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Pap Pap, Pappy, Bryce and Clara... just to name a few... Wow, I am so proud of him. I can't wait to see him in action on Thursday at school. He has his Thanksgiving Feast and we were told to wear our dancing shoes... I can't wait! Both Daddy and I are attending the feast, I will post pictures.

Cookie Preparations

Friday, November 14th
Bryce and Clara both took turns in helping Grammy prepare the cookie dough for the annual cookie bake day! Here they are taking turns pushing the buttons. Bryce got out all the rolling pins and said who each one was for... (Bryce, Clara, Gavin, Makenna) They had a blast helping Grammy get ready. Bryce wants the chocolate dough, just like Daddy and Clara wants the vanilla dough, just like Mommy... too funny!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Signs of Progress

Here are a few signs of progress at the property...

Here is the area that is dug out for the foundation. The foundation will be put in the week of December 8th.

The view as you look up behind where the house will be... this is our backyard.

The view out the front of our house... the mounds you see won't be there. Isn't it beautiful!
Here is the view looking out towards our right (that is our neighbor's house to the right of us).
Here is the view looking out towards the left (that is our other neighbor to the left).

Some more signs of progress... trees for our flooring, window and door panes.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let the Building Begin

We found out today that we will have the foundation put in the week of December 8th and the house being delivered the week of December 22nd. We will build the weekend after Christmas. We are very excited to finally be able to begin!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall = Leaves

My favorite season- Fall!

Clara loved walking in the leaves so much during trick or treating, that we just had to go outside and play in the leaves today. She had a blast "going on a leaf hunt" and throwing the leaves. I had fun throwing leaves too.

Clara loved wearing this new dress. She thought she looked like a princess. Everything makes her look like a princess right now. She really didn't want to take it off, she wanted to wear it into the bathtub.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!


Party treats

Bryce and Emma at the party

Happy Halloween! Here are some exciting events that have happened over the last 2 days. On Thursday, Bryce had his Halloween Party and Parade at school. He was definitely overwhelmed. Grammy was Bryce's date for the party. He froze everytime he had to do something. He froze when he was supposed to go up and say who he was for Halloween, he froze when he was supposed to go find the person he came with, he was definitely overwhelmed with all the fun activities. He still seemed to have a good time.
Last night, we went to Dairy Queen with Pappy, She She, and Grammy. Then we went trick or treating with She She and Grammy around their neighborhood where they grew up.

Bryce was very into trick or treating tonight... he was so excited to go from house to house, which was a complete change from last week. While walking, he just sat down on the sidewalk and said he was "sweepee" or sleepy to all of us... it was cute, so we finished the houses on the way back to Pappy and She She. Clara loved walking through the leaves... she was gliding through them. I think that was her favorite part.

Yesterday, Bryce and Clara came to my school for our Halloween parade and to see Gavin and Faith in the parade. They barely recognized me as a kitten who lost her mitten.

Other exciting news... Clara has taken to being potty trained... She has been asking to go potty or telling us before she has to go... she had two huge successes yesterday... One was before coming to the parade at Aunt Amy's house, she wanted to go potty and did... and the other was while trick or treating at Pappy and She She's neighbors house... when we asked her to say trick or treat... she said "I have to go potty!" Too cute... we went and used the potty and she went and had a dry diaper!!! Yeah for Big Girl Clara!

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