Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Got Sketch? Sketch 74

Got Sketch? Here is my version of Sketch 74
Once again, I used the Jillibean paper, alphabeans, and sprouts.
See the sketch here:

Home by Marc Broussard

Scrapping the Music- Challenge #70 "Home"
I found this blog last night and fell in love with it. I am always inspired by music and have used lyrics in past layouts. I fell in love with this song as well as the last song they used for a challenge. I hope you get inspired by this blog like me.

Home is a touchy subject for us... we have been trying to build our home for 18 months. My family (husband and 2 small children) have lived in so many places recently while waiting for our home. Funny thing, everytime we visit the property, Brian and I always feel at home and peace while we are there. We can't wait to be at "home."

I chose not to use a picture of the property on this layout since there is no home there yet. Also, the layout is focused on our story of the last 18 months. Thanks for looking!

I used Jillibean paper and sprouts on this layout. You can check out her blog by clicking on The Soup Bowl under my blog links.

Recent Layouts

Simple Christmas morning layout
Christmas Eve- making Rice Krispie Houses for breakfast

I love those smiles!

Winter layout- This was one of the layouts in one of my past classes... I added some buttons.


Anticipation... here I am... not able to sleep. Will there be snow? Will I have a delay or closing? I feel like it is the first day of school and I can't sleep. I know I should be sleeping. I was home from school due to being sick and know I should be sleeping to feel better, but can I? No! The anticipation of whether we will really get a true snowstorm is keeping me awake!
What will it look like outside when I wake up tomorrow? Snow? Ice?

Grateful for today!

1. I am grateful my DD is wearing underwear most of the day.

2. I am grateful my DS went back to school today after being home sick all last week.

3. I am grateful to fall asleep very soon.

4. I am grateful for snow days and sleeping in.

5. I am grateful that my children will sleep really late tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6" x 6" Acryllic Album- using BoBunny's Sweetie Pie
I love this album that I created for this week's class. It has 5 pages that I attached tabs for easy access. Check out my other blog for more pictures. There are still 2 spots open in class!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Acryllic Album

What an enjoyable day! Even though the kids and I are all sick, we had such an enjoyable day together. We watched some tv, we all had at least a 2 hour nap, and I worked on my acryllic album for Thursday's class. I am loving how it is turning out! I can't wait for the class. I will post pictures soon. CHA (Craft and Hobby Association show) is finishing up... I have been watching all the sneak peeks that have been coming out. I am loving a lot of the new lines!

3 Things I am Grateful for today...

1. Naps in the afternoon (not that I get to take many- may 3 a year)
2. My husband- for being so handy and saving the day for my acryllic album class
3. Feeling better

Thursday, January 22, 2009

5 things about today

Here are 5 things about today...

1. Stayed home to take care of sick kids today. (only had about 4 hours of sleep) Should be asleep now, but wanted to update my blogs.

2. Taught Quick Creations class tonight. It went well and quick.. only took 1 1/2 hours and we did 4 layouts.

3. Watched Alvin and the Chipmunks way too many times today. I forgot how much I loved that cartoon as a child- and an adult LOL

4. Worked on lesson plans for next week.

5. Went to Giant at 5 am this morning on my way to school. Brian joked and said I should do that more often since it wasn't busy.

Other blog

Just wanted to remind everyone of my other blog...

I posted my classes and a link to the store to sign up on that blog.

Some of my photos of the day

Here are just a few of my photo's of the day...

Self portrait

Potty training 101

Last night- Bryce sick (sorry for the bad grammer in last night's post- you can tell it was late.)

Here are some layouts and classes that I have coming up at the store...

Technique 101- learn how to use ribbon, stapling, layering and doodling

Scrap a photo in a frame...

Sketch 1o1- learn how to use a sketch and manipulate it to meet your needs- here are 2 versions of the same sketch- you will get to pick any paper you'd like to create your layout to meet your needs.

I have a sale on all my fall kits... they are all 30% off... come in and check them out.

It has been awhile

It has been a lot time since I blogged... It is currently 2:40am. I just wrote out sub plans for tomorrow due to Bryce having bronchitis. I just finished giving him a breathing treatment and he is currently watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. I am exhausted. I am sure I will be taking Clara to the doctor tomorrow, she is getting the same symptoms.

I have lots of new pictures to share; however, I need to move things onto my external harddrive before downloading more.

I will try to update more when I have more energy.

I am grateful that Bryce takes his medicine so well.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Project 365

I have been taking a photo a day since December 29th... why Dec. 29th- it was a Monday and I want my scrapbook to begin on Mondays so that the weekends are scrapped together. Here are my pics...

Dec 29th - I am grateful for you Bryce... and Daddy and Clara

Dec 30th- Scrapping the Day away with Mommy

Dec 31st- Playing Wii and celebrating with just the 4 of us on New Year's Eve.

Jan 1st- Spending the day just relaxing and watching tv.

Jan 2nd- My budding artist

Jan 3rd- I am still surprised when I walk out the door and am greeted with turkeys.

Jan 4th- Clara opening her Grateful can... she was always asleep before she could get around to opening it due to teething... she slept up to 18 hours one night.
Jan 5th- Back to school
Jan 6th- Bryce and Clara began writing their own things they are grateful for...

Jan 7th- I worked on my blogs and class projects today during my Snow Day

It's Happening...

My children are really starting to understand the meaning behind the grateful cans. Last night, without Brian or I knowing, they both got paper and pens and started asking each other what they are grateful for... They both said each other first. They sat there and kept asking each other what they were grateful for and wrote it down in their very own way. It was priceless! When I came out to see what they were doing, I could hear them, but had to see it for my own eyes... they started asking me what I was grateful for... This is what I was hoping for and it happened only after a week of this new nightly tradition! I have children who never stop amazing me!

Here are my 3 things I am grateful for today:

1. My children demonstrated they truly are grateful.

2. Snow Days!

3. Jammie Days in the new house!

Friday, January 2, 2009


What are 3 things you are grateful for?

Here are my 3 for today...
1. "Jammie" days with my kids. (They are Bryce's favorite as well.)
2. Winter break from school. (Time to renew, refresh, etc.)
3. Sitting in my new living room sipping hot chocolate.

In the book, The Secret, 2 things for the day should have occured and one is looking into the future... can you tell which one is in the future.

Please post a comment on what your 3 grateful things are. You might need to create a new email address to do this. Just click on the link that says Comment.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Our family would like to wish your family a Happy New Year! I am going to try to catch up on all our happenings that I haven't had a chance to post right now...

Sledding ( I don't remember sledding as a child, I might have done it, but it doesn't stand out! ) Brian, his dad, Gavin, Bryce and I went sledding after that last storm we had. We live on a large hill and the ice let us go really fast. I had a blast, but was scared at the same time. I don't have the "no fear" in me as I did as a child. Bryce was very cautious as well. He enjoyed slidding down the hill on his bottom the most. Gavin scared us by sledding under the car trailer and scrapping his face on the ice... (what a great uncle and aunt we are sending our nephew home with a black eye.) Pop Pop had so much fun with the grandsons. I am looking forward to the next snowstorm so we can sled.
We had an eventful Christmas eve, which I posted below... finishing up creating presents, wrapping, baking cookies and rice krispie houses, putting the cookies that Bryce and I made out for Santa (he was so proud)... Bryce normally sleeps on the couch, we told him that Santa didn't want to wake him up, so he should sleep on the bed in Clara's room (his bed, he just doesn't use it), after we put the cookies out, he grabbed his frog pillow and blanket and ran into his room. He was asleep within 2 minutes. Clara on the other hand couldn't sleep, but she can't when she knows something is going to happen. (Santa coming!)

Christmas morning, I was coming back up stairs from the kitchen when I saw Bryce just sitting on the floor in front of the tree in pure amazement... his eyes were so wide and just sitting and staring at the presents... (he totally missed his stocking in his bed). Clara was in her crib trying on the new shoes that Santa left for her. Clara's reactions to the presents were the best this year... she would just barely open them and she would go "wow!!!" or "oohhh!" or "ahhh!" It was like we were looking at Christmas lights... hahaha.

Christmas Morning- Santa Gifts...
We served breakfast for Brian's family in the morning (tradition). The bacon was the best part. Then we stuffed our stockings and headed back up to the family room to open them.

After stockings came regular presents... check out this pile of presents...

Later that evening, we went to Brian's cousin's house for cookies.

Over the weekend, we went up to visit my family for Christmas. My aunt came down from New York and we all had a grand time spending time with each other. Brian also got a Wii for Christmas from me and we took that along, we had so much fun creating our Mii characters and playing on the big screen tv. We enjoyed 2 wonderful dinners up there, visited my dad and then headed home.

We love our doll house and tractors... Nana and Pap Pap!

I spent the beginning of the week, scrapbooking while the kids played with their new toys. I have finished the fall layouts that I have printed. Yeah! Clara enjoyed doing her "Scrappin Stuff, too"

New Year's Eve ended up being my favorite night of the year! (It has been a tough one, but not that bad.) Anyway, Brian, the kids and I went to Giant and all picked out whatever it was that we wanted to eat... I had lobster and shrimp scampi, the kids wanted "Chickadonalds"... aka McDonalds... Brian wanted McDonalds too. Plus we picked out all kinds of junk food to eat too. When we got home, we ate dinner, danced to Tooty Ta (Check out Dr. Jean's website to learn more) and went on a Bear and Frog Hunt around the house... (we used the bear pillow and frog pillow) the kids and us never laughed so much in our lives... We also sang, "There's a spider on my leg" We used the kids' McDonald's toys to be the "spider." The kids then drew while we set up the Wii. Then the 4 of us played a 1/2 round of bowling, before they lost interest. The kids went up to the family room to watch some of their new movies... while Brian and I played Olympics on Wii... so much fun, I can't swim though! Clara made it to 11:15, then fell asleep ( I thought it was going to be her year... but not yet) Bryce made it to see the ball drop, this is his 3rd out of 4 years that he has stayed awake until New Year. He loved it, then passed out almost instantly, after talking to Aunt Cathie.

We climbed the big mountain during our Bear and Frog Hunt!

We danced the night away!

Wii was a lot of fun!

Happy New Year!!!
Brian's parents got home and we all played 2 rounds of bowling and his dad and he boxed a match. His dad almost really hit him in the beginning, it was really funny!!!
Other odds and ends...
Most of my gifts this year were handmade... I gave each family the book The Secret and a "grateful" can. At thanksgiving, I had each family member tell me 10 things they were grateful for... not knowing what I was asking for... then I typed them up and placed those 10 things in their can. In the book, they suggest that you write down 2 things you were grateful for from the day and 1 thing you hope to be grateful for... Brian and I have started the tradition of before going to bed having the kids write down as many things as they could think of that they are grateful for... yesterday, we forgot the night before, and Bryce in the morning, brought me his can and said he was grateful for "milk." He wanted me to write it down and put it in his can. *Here are some things he is learning from us doing this... to be grateful for all things, we hope the kids get passed the tangible things and start mentioning the really meaningful things in their life, but still be thankful for each and everything. Being a teacher, that writing has a purpose.
Bryce and Clara made handmade ornaments again this year for everyone... here is what they looked like during the process of creating them...

here they are after...
I have started Project 365... I will post more on that soon. It is a quick and easy way to record an entire year. I am also going to be doing a spoof on that "Project Build" for documenting our building of the log cabin.

I hope everyone's New Year is spectacular. I know ours will be. Our dream home in 2009.

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