Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day of June

Mommy and Clara's day of fun...

Clara and I spent the day together alone... We began our day shopping at JoAnne's for paper for my class. After shopping, we headed across the street to Burger King where we ate inside (which the kids know that I don't like to do, but it was Clara's choice today), then she tried to climb around in the play area, but she is still a little too little. After Burger King, we headed to my school so that Clara could play on the playground. She was so adorable! After the park, we headed home for ice cream cones! We finished the day watching Care Bear movies, playing with playdough, and just having fun!
Clara and I needed this day, since for the last week, she has had a horrible temper and very short fuse. Today, she was well tempered, happy and very enjoyable all day! Funny thing was when Bryce returned home, she threw a temper tantrum almost instantly. Her and I need time alone together weekly. She is trying to get our attention when Bryce is home by misbehaving. Goosfraba!
Tonight I am grateful for...
time alone with Clara
Grammy for taking Bryce to the Kutztown festival with Gavin
ice cream cones
finishing my classes for the store
going to the zoo tomorrow with Nana
sleeping in
interior walls
figuring out what is on the interior walls
classes filling up
blogging the layouts for classes tomorrow
new scrapbook magazines
going to see Cirque Du Solei with Cathie and Nana
choosing Clara's birthday theme and party date (Sunday, August 16th...)
Theme: Fancy Nancy (one of Clara's favorite stories... we are combining that story with "I'm Invited to a Party" by Mo Willems where the characters are invited to a Fancy, Costume, Pool Party... so yes, we are having a fancy, costume, pool party!!! Watch out for the fun!!!
Wear your bathing suits with a mask and a boa or top hat!
I love my little Fancy Nancy who knows both meaning of the word "brilliant" and what a "constellation" is...

Logs are finished, interior walls begin

Logs are all up and interior walls begin...
Brian and his dad layed the last few logs on June 17th and 18th.
Bryce loves spending time with Pop Pop
Drilling in one of the last screws.
Those boots are so fancy!

How strong they are... and what great helpers.
Use those muscles...The last log took awhile to place... but it went in... I was just excited to see the last log placed as I was to see the 1st!
View with the stairway open... you see the living room ahead.

Some of the interior walls... on your left you see the door to Bryce's room.

The hallway...

Looking through Clara's doorway.

First Day of Summer

June 22, 2009

We always begin summer with a Jammie Day! Funny thing is... the kids know this tradition... when I told them that tomorrow is Mommy's 1st day of summer vacation, they asked "Are we having a jammie day? Jammie week?"
We had a great day... watching movies, playing, reading and just spending time together in our jammies!

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
After camping at the races for the weekend... we ended the weekend by visiting with Uncle Josh, Aunt Cindy, Ian, and new baby Nathan. Bryce and Clara were so excited to spend a little bit of time with Ian. They miss him very much!
Both Bryce and Clara really loved Nathan.
He is so adorable!

Silly pickadillies
Fun times at the playground
Who will reach the top?
Ian and his godfather

Monday, June 22, 2009

Few tidbits from my past week

It has been awhile since I last blogged... a lot has occured that I would normally blog about, but just didn't have the time to write about it. Here is the fast version without pictures...

Finished school (took up most of my time)
Clara is almost completely potty trained
Went camping this past weekend (no internet access)
Brian won his race at the races
I practiced racing in the front yard, but didn't race due to the amount of mud and rain at the races.... I am not one for mud bathes.
Funny thing... driving the racer is really easy... it is using the transbrake that I need to practice before racing!
Loved sleeping in the camper...
Bryce slept on the top bunk.
Brian's dad was only able to race one of his races due to a 5 cent clip falling off the jeep racer
Brian being "all about the sexy" in his rain boots.. .can't wait to share a picture of that.
Having our first summer jammie day today!
Putting up the last few logs.. only 1 more to go!!!!
Dinner with the Lions on Monday... delicious...
Clams at the races... yum... I wish I ate them with my Pop Pop since he loved them... I just tried them now!
The kids both loving clams as well.
Both children riding a pony at the carnival... neither of them got to ride any rides though...
Watching them play in the rain... getting really cute pictures of clara with an umbrella
Delicious corn chowder
Having 2 children who listen when we ask them to do something.
2 polite children
Having a fun father's day with Brian and the kids.
Scrappin in the camper in the rain... while the kids played and colored... they love the camper.
Shopping for classes today with the kids...
and so much more... I will try to catch up with pictures soon!
Have a wonderful night!

Monday, June 8, 2009

22 logs

Yesterday was the most productive day that Brian has had at the property. He averages about 10 logs each day; however, with help from Joe, Dad C. and Jeremy, they were able to lay 22 logs.The wall below received most of them. This side of the house only had about 2-3 courses on before this weekend.
Here is the view of the same wall from the inside. You are looking at our kitchen in this window.
Brian finally took a few minutes to sit and enjoy the progress he has made on the house yesterday. In the interim of not having help... he sat down for 10 minutes and just looked around. He commented on not remembering when courses 5- 6- and 7 went up. That is just how hard he has been working.

View from the road.
Today I am grateful for...
sleeping well
lots of energy
visiting the house this morning (I am at such peace there... I can picture myself sitting on the porch drinking tea and eating my breakfast... no more McDonald's for me every morning!)
going for the green today (my kids will all be proficient!)
Dad C.
Brian (man you will have some stories to tell and brag about!)
picking out colors for my scrapbook room and the house this weekend.
Inspiration to sketch my scrapbook room this weekend... I love it!
Bryce sketched his toy room as well... too cute
more logs going up today
interior walls and the upstairs subfloor being built this week
roof going on in 2 weeks

Sunday, June 7, 2009


It's beginning to feel like Home!Look, the front of the house has all the logs up!
The progress this weekend is just amazing.
Kitchen window
Bryce playing in the sawdust... he got a reaction tonight from it..
More logs going up!
View of the front of the house from inside.
View of the Back of the house. Bryce's room is on the left... Clara's is on the right.
View from corner
View from opposite end
When I walked in the house today... it felt like home. Oh, this house is just so beautiful!
Thank you for stopping by and looking!

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