Sunday, August 30, 2009

Windows and doors

Windows and doorsToday, Brian, Todd, Fred and Dad C. put in windows and the sliding glass doors.
A delivery of gravel was made to the property for the electric trench.
Here is one of the windows in Bryce's room.
Brian put plastic over the large windows that will be custom made.
Here is the sliding glass door that I helped install tonight.
I am grateful for...
my morals
windows and doors
plastic sheeting over roof and windows
the steps being started tomorrow
electric trench being dug tomorrow
dinner out with Jonathan and Mom
conscious discipline
creating my safe space in my classroom tomorrow
1st day of school
children's excitement
looking forward to a great year
a fabulous punch party
finishing unpacking my room tomorrow
Bryce wasn't hurt by the tv that fell over him
a special announcement on my next post
delicious dinner tonight
playing pirates today with Makenna, Bryce and Clara
goodnight's sleep

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scrapping the Music Challenge #100

I Would Stay
Scrapping the Music's Challenge #100
I have been waiting for the perfect lyrics to scrapbook a page for my sister. The lyric "I Want to tell you" was the perfect title for my page. I have so much to tell her and this is a great way to say it. I have also been wanting to make a spinner page for the longest time, so here it is. I love how it turned out. The journaling can be seen or hidden depending on how the spinner is facing. Above, the journaling is showing, in the picture below you can see it begin it's rotation around the page to cover the journaling.I used Basic Grey paper for the project.
In the picture above, the spinner is covering the journaling and revealing another part of the song. I changed the lyrics from saying I have to... to say...
"You have learned, tried, trusted, cried, saw and know you can be yourself."
I am so proud to call you my little sister.
The journaling reads:
Tell you...
I want to tell you I am proud of who you are and what you have become. You have never had the easiest of times; however, it doesn't bring you down. Even when boyfriends have betrayed you, you have used your morals to find the correct answer to your life. You are honest, loyal, considerate, caring, passionate, and loving. You are the strongest single mom I know, and I am proud you are my younger sister.
You have dealt with men leading double lives while you have been seeing them, but yet still stay strong. You provide such a great life for my nephew, you do it mostly on your own. You once again will be living in a wonderful house that you are fixing up! Stay strong... even though we both know you don't need a man... there is the right one out there waiting to meet you. He will know how to treat you right, will possess all those wonderful character traits that you have and you will eventually have your happily ever after... for right now... I want you to remember, that you are a great mom, role model for your son and strong woman who can do it all herself!

Thank you for looking at my page for my sister!
Congrats Scrapping the Music on your 100th challenge!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New pictures of the roof

More pictures from tonight...
View of our wall... if you look closely you can see where the windows and door are framed. They haven't been cut out completely yet.
View of bathroom.
View looking out to loft.
Tomorrow, the guys are beginning to work on the stairs!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wedding outfits

Aunt Tanya and Uncle Jimmy's WeddingClara is the flowergirl and Bryce is the ringbearer in Aunt Tanya and Uncle Jimmy's wedding. They are both really excited. Clara and I read her flowergirl book almost everynight. She can't wait. I allowed her to try on her beautiful dress the other day and she just floated... she was very careful and just twirled around and became a little princess. Check out the different poses I captured on film...

back of dress
so adorable

look at the petals that are in the dress...
Next, we need to buy shoes for the two of them.
Too cute!
Bryce loved that Daddy took him and cousin Justin to get fitted. He looked so handsome, so did Justin.
Can't wait to post pictures of the wedding on Sept. 5th!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Build a Bear and a new backpack

Clara's new backpack for schoolGrammy bought Clara her backpack for preschool. It was fun bringing the cycle full circle, since last year we went school shopping for Bryce's 1st backpack. She is currently playing with it here at home, she loves it so much!
Off to school
She just can't stand still.
Another tradition we started last year, was taking the kids to Build a Bear before school begins. They each made adorable animals.
Here is Bryce with his Bryce bear who he later named Scruffy when we returned home. Grammy and Bryce are fluffing the bear.
Doesn't he look cute!
Here is Clara fluffing her Clara unicorn. The kids were really creative with their names, huh!
Clara got a blow dryer and hair brush set with her gift certificate for her birthday.
I love this picture of Bryce and his bear.
Our new family members.
Here are the kids with all their animals.
Bryce and his friends.
Clara and her friends.
We had an enjoyable day out with Grammy. Thanks!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scrapping the Music Challenge #99

Scrapping the Music Challenge #99
Kiss Me Through the Phone
I was so excited to use a photo from 3 years ago of the kids showing just how much they love each other. Journaling at the bottom reads: "You have loved each other from the start!"
I used paper from Crate Paper, accents from Sassafrass Lass, and letters from Jillibean and Thickers.
Thanks for checking out my entry!

Emma's birthday, House update and Playdough

Emma's 5th Birthday
We enjoyed time at Bounce U with Emma celebrating her birthday. All the kids had a great time.It was such a calm party... only little ones which made it nice and not too crazy.
Clara was able to do everything by herself. She climbed all the areas on her own and had a blast! She wasn't able to do that 4 months ago at Makenna's party! I can't believe what a difference 4 months makes.
Bryce had a blast hanging out with one of his best friends.
The Gang
House update:
The roof is on... the gable is done! We just need to add the deck and the roof for the porch!
Next: Working on the steps!
The 4 guys knocked out the entire side in 3 nights!
I decided to make playdough for my students as a gift when I meet them on Thursday for my punch party! Bryce and Clara were so excited to make their own playdough, that they helped me make 15 batches of playdough! They were incredibly helpful, they each had a job to do and they did it well. Bryce was in charge of measuring and pouring in the flour, clara was in charge of salt and cream of tartar. Then Bryce was in charge of filling the measuring cup with water, Clara added oil to the water and I added food coloring... Clara would stir and then Bryce would add the water mixture to the dry mixture... both would mix the batter... then I would cook it on the stove. What great team work! We all had a blast!
I am giving each child a large ball of playdough... I made some for the kids (B & C) and some for my classroom as well.
Today, we are enjoying our last jammie day before I go back to school. I am sad that the summer is over already... it didn't feel like a real summer due to the weather. I hope that the weather stays warm, so that after school we can swim some more, since I don't feel that we did enough of that this summer.

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