Wednesday, June 30, 2010

End of June Wrap up

Where did that month go?  So many things have happened this month... I don't think I have even been able to blog about them all...
~End of School Year
~Do you believe in signs from people who have passed on?  I do... My grandfather visits me daily (bunny).  He loved bunnies and had a few as pets.  After he passed away  years ago... when I arrived home after the funeral... there was a bunny sitting outside my house.  He came back to visit me frequently.  He seems to always visit at times where I really need him.  He has come to visit me very frequently this week.  I always say hello to my "Pop Pop bunny."  My kids even have started saying hello to him. 
~We had all of our family who has passed on come visit us at our new house... last week, the kids and I were at the house with Brian when all of a sudden, a swarm of butterflies came and stayed at our door for 30 minutes... the kids loved playing with them!  They kept trying to catch one.. . but when they would stop and just watch...the butterflies would land on them.  Brian and I both said to each other that our family is coming to bless our new home! 
~Kids started going to camp
~Flat tire today... Brian to the rescue!
~Major progress on the house
~didn't meet our end of June deadline... (very close, but you can't control everything, which we learned over the past few years)
~SU new catalog... goes live tomorrow!
~Reflecting on loosing my grandfather six years ago tomorrow.  My Scrap That Poetry layout for June 15th was a tribute to him. 
~Here are some pictures to recap...

"Bye, bye, be good now!"  ~God bless you Pop Pop!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwww!! You have been busy!! Bummer that the house didn't get done... but *fingers crossed* soon!! LOVING the butterflies that visited and I soooooooooooooooo believe in signs! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Barbara Becker said...

I know exactly what you are going thru, house wise. We built our log home and it took two years, we passed many a deadline and just kept going.

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