Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Leadership 2013

Leadership 2013

I just got back from an amazing Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida.
 Had a blast meeting up with some other Rising Stars!
So glad to see you Colleen, Karen and Becky!
(and so many more friends that I didn't get pictures with)
 Here we are waiting for the bus to Manager's Reception
at Harry Potter World!
 Delicious Butterbeer!

 Owl Post

 Loved all the owls!

 What an amazing night!!!

Had so much fun riding on this Harry Potter Simulation ride.

The food was very good... take a look at this Turkey Leg...
it was huge!

 All the wands!

What an amazing night!
Check back tomorrow to see some cards!

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Katherine said...

I think I have to talk my husband into making this next year's vacation! Can't wait to see the cards!

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