Wednesday, July 7, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Favorite Store- New York and Company
I just love this clothing store...honestly, I do one big back to school shopping trip each year and it is always to this store!  Usually the one trip lasts me all year.  (I hate to go clothing shopping.)  In fact, last year during my trip, I passed out of heat exhaustion and was taken to the emergency room.

I created this layout using New York and Company's colors... I hope you enjoy!  Definitely check this store out!

Here are some house updates and some 4th of July pics.

Bryce's 1st day of "kindergarten camp" at my school.
His teacher
Last night, we went to see Toy Story 3.
Clara fell asleep on the way there... she was so exhausted from the night before... it took a lot to wake her up before the movie started. 
If you have seen Toy Story 3, you know what they are doing... (Buzz- Spanish)
While the kids were at camp today, I went to the house to paint.
When I got there... the septic was done being inspected and they had filled in the hole and graded it!
Our front yard
I painted a second coat on the kitchen today... yes it is orange ( I wanted to try something different)  After the cabinets are in, you will never see an inch of these walls... so why not!  I do love it though!
Clara's room
Bryce's room
Our room, Brian just added the doorway and is working on the one to the bathroom.
We finished cloroxing the logs... they look so much better now.  They will get stained soon.
I learned how to cut on the saw this weekend.  I cut the pieces for the doorways.
Brian and his dad finished 1/2 of the other side of the ceiling this weekend.
We are trying to enjoy these 100 degree days in the pool after camp.  Here are the kids today before we started swimming.
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! I love NY & CO. TOO!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I love love love this JENNIFER!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee that you used their recent ad!!! And those photos are AWESOME!!!!!!!! Hehehehehehe...Buzz speaking spanish in Toy Story 3 was Brian's FAVE part!!! Thanks soooooooooooooooo much for playing along with us! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jessica said...

Another NY and Co. fan here! I just wish they had maternity clothes!! Looks like things are coming along on the house, how exciting!!

Mary Cavalier said...

I loved Toy Story 3 ! Buzz- Spanish - ha ha!

Lorry said...

LOVE the Orange Kitchen! Mine is Orange too, What color paint did you choose, I love it, Mine is lighter Orange, and I want to repaint darker.

Mel said...

Wow what a fun few days. I like your layout nice and simple but very effective! I can't believe you passed out on a shopping trip - I thought all the malls in America have air con.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Your house is looking awesome Jennifer! and I LOVE your Fave Things layout! That red is beautiful and the clean, fresh design totally rocks! Thanks for playing along with us!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo's Jennifer, your house looks amazing, love it!
Love your Layout for Fave Things, those colors are beautiful and i love your design!
Thnak you so much for playing along with us!

EverydayMe said...

love this.... and that red... wow wow wow it's fab!!! thanks for playing along!!!{{ hugs}} Michelle

Bekka said...

Great store choice! This looks great! Thanks so much for playing along with us!

Amanda Sevall said...

What a great layout!! Your house is really cool and I love the orange you picked out!! Spanish Buzz was the best part of the movie -- totally my favorite part!! ;)

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