Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Nov 20th

Bryce and I attended his Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday at his preschool. The feast began with 3 groups of children saying what they are thankful for. Each group was seated on the floor in front of the "Fall Trees" which were the k-kids who held their thankful leaves. Each k-kid held 1-2 leaves and they were plucked from the trees by a teacher who gave the leaf to the preschooler who then went to the director of the school and read into a microphone what he/she was thankful for. When it was Bryce's turn, he proudly went up to his teacher and said "I am thankful for my train tracks!" He said it loud and clear and proudly. What growth he has shown just from the last party where he bearly would speak into the microphone.

The class then sang 2 songs, the November Chicken Soup with Rice song, and my favorite "Albequerque Turkey". They made a class Albequerque Turkey that Emma "won" to take home. Although many parents hoped not to get picked for the turkey, since he is so large... I had my fingers crossed, because it would fit in the log cabin so well... there is always next year!

After singing, it was time to dance, so we all made a large oval and did the Hokey Pokey and The Noble Duke of York. During the Noble Duke of York, we danced up and down the middle of the 2 lines.

We worked up an appetite from dancing so let the feast begin! The preschoolers each help cut up the fruit salad and helped make the muffins. We sat with Emma and her Pop to each. We had a blast!

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