Monday, September 7, 2009

Cabin update

Happy Labor DayToday, Brian and his dad have been very busy putting in my french doors for my studio, as well as the garage door. After dinner, they plan on putting in the french doors for the guest room.
All the window and door frames will be painted the same color.
The steps were finished earlier this week. This was the kids and my first time seeing them completed and walking up them. It is so nice that they can be independent and safe.
View from 1st floor looking down. These are just temporary steps while construction is being completed, then the real risers will be put on.
I don't remember if I posted a picture of the sliding glass door on the main floor that was put in last week.
Finally, here is a picture of the garage door.
I am so thankful for...
all of Brian and his dad's hard labor they have put into this house
a fun filled weekend
watching the kids have a blast in the wedding
enjoying a fabulous family reunion
stopping to see Jimmy and Tanya last night when we got back to town
dancing with Brian at the wedding
dancing with the kids (all 6 of them)
learning how to do the Cotton Eye Joe dance (thanks Justin)
dancing with Pappy (what a great dancer)
my knee working again
a clean and organized scrapbook space
putting my completed scrapbook pages in chronological order so that I can put them into albums later tonight
picture of me with my students in the local newspaper
being the guest designer at Scrapping the Music
health and happiness of my family
time to blog today
Jenn for always leaving such great comments on my blog
family who checks out my blog regularly to watch the cabin be built- since they don't live right down the road

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