Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treating

We went trick or treating tonight from 4-6. We tried to walk around with Aunt Amy and everyone; however, Bryce and Clara walk extremely slow and were not in a hurry to get to the houses. It was cute... they were happy getting there when they got there, no rush! Bryce was very tired at the beginning (note the crabby looking picture below), but was happy by the end. This was Clara's first real trick or treating. She went for the past two years; however, the first year she was a little flower laying in the wagon, last year she was a cute tinkerbell but staying in the stroller most of the time and only went to one house. So, this year was her year... she was all ready to go... she got so many compliments on how cute she looked. Just look at the little cutie, she wore cute sunglasses that even matched her candy container. She ate as many lollipops as she could during the walk. Bryce ate some candy as well. He became Aunt She She's buddy for most of the time. He even convinced her to carry his candy the entire time.
The trick or treating crew: Bryce, Clara, Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, She She, Aunt Amy, Gavin, Makenna, Melissa and her dad, Cindy and Ian.
Clara's shoe kept falling off just like Cinderella's slipper. It was really funny by the end. Daddy was her Prince Charming that helped her with her shoe.

This is just one of the buckets of candy we got... we have another from today and 2 bags from last weekend at the parade. We definitely won't be allowed to eat it all.

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Unknown said...

I had such a great time trick or treating with you two... you were so cute, especially Clara. You had a blast for your 1st real trick or treating experience... Everyone loved you and how adorable you were...

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