Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bryce and Clara's cards for World Cardmaking day

This morning, I told Bryce and Clara that today was World Cardmaking Day! They were excited and asked if they could make cards too! I asked them who they were going to make cards for and my really smart 3 year old replies right back Ian and Jonathan. Their birthdays are this week! It was what I was going to suggest, but they were on a mission.
So, I gave them some scrapbooking supplies and they were off. They haven't scrapbooked with me in awhile. We used to sit down and all scrap frequently, but I think it has been about a year since we have done this! It was so much fun! Here are their creations.

Bryce is even ready with a Christmas card. Bryce is 4 years old.
Clara is 3 years old.
I had so much fun scrapping with them this morning. It was a great crop here at our house. I hope you are enjoying this special day as much as we are... I will post my cards soon! I think I am going to work on some layouts next.

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