Friday, October 2, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Hayride at the Pumpkin PatchThe whole family went on the 1st field trip of the year to Sieple Farms. We had a fun ride on the hayride all bundled under blankets and in warm clothes... much different than last year in light t-shirts. The weather held out for a nice trip... it drizzled a little but stopped quickly.
We walked through the corn maze to the corn classroom to learn all about corn and its uses.
Clara loved carrying around corn that she found on the ground.

Quick picture with their teacher...Cute pic of the kids.

After learning about corn, we walked the Crayola Factory corn maze.

We found the 4 missing crayons!

After the maze, they got to play with corn in many ways... corn rubbings.

Dressing the scarecrows. Then we got to each pick a pumpkin... Clara's is so cute and tiny. Bryce wanted a really big one.

Nice pumpkin, pumpkin!

I love this one by the wagon!

Is that a dog or horse?
It was a great trip to the pumpkin patch!
I am thankful for...
being able to take the kids on their field trip
spending the day as a mom versus a teacher
feeling well
jammie time
creative time tonight to work on some challenges
time with Brian today
progress on the house
fall- my favorite season
everyday moments
Scrap That Poetry- 3 entries already!
Terry coming over
A great jewelry show planned at the cabin
Toy Story movie on Sunday with the family

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