Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grandmama's birthday party

We had a very special lunch for Grandmama's birthday today... almost all of us in the family were able to be there... only Brian and Kelly were not able to make it.
Robbie and Grandma
Pap Pap and Nana
Cathie and Bryce (Teddy- doesn't do pictures)

Clara and me

Karen, Deidre and Scott
Today was Deidre's 21st... check out her Strawberry Daquiri
Aunt Anita and Uncle Chuck

Uncle Bob and Aunt Lynn
Jonathan, Bryce and Clara (great grandchidren)

Daniel and Brenda

Grandma and Bryce

Grandma, Bryce, Clara and Me
Tonight I am thankful for...
spending time with my family today
enjoying a delicious meal
the kids eating asparagus and spinach
Clara who will try anything... she loved my New England Clam Chowder
Jonathan's smile
Clara wearing underwear during our drive to and from Nana's house..(over an hour drive- no accidents) yeah!!!!
seeing family I don't get to see often

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