Monday, June 1, 2009

Pictures from weekend

Closing CeremonyLast day of school picture... wow how much Bryce has grown... I feel a layout inspiration coming on... 1st day - last day!
I love this picture... he wanted to post like this and it is just adorable.

Bryce when he found us in the audience.

Bryce saying what his favorite part of this year was "playing with the trucks and block area."

They sang their calendar songs for us.
Emma was the lead in the play "Caps for Sale".

Here are the monkeys in the tree that stole all of her hats.

Bryce was announced last... in my opinion save the best for last... hehehe

Bryce and his teacher
Knoebels trip on Saturday

Progress on Log Cabin

Tonight I am grateful for...
pictures - documenting life and cherishing our special moments
growth- watching Bryce mature this year in preschool
maturity- watching Clara get to a very mature point and her enjoyment of rides
health- feeling good today
Moving into the house in July (1 month away)
House going under roof in 2 weeks
winning a raffle basket at the Relay for Life
fun and exciting day tomorrow
restful sleep

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