Monday, June 8, 2009

22 logs

Yesterday was the most productive day that Brian has had at the property. He averages about 10 logs each day; however, with help from Joe, Dad C. and Jeremy, they were able to lay 22 logs.The wall below received most of them. This side of the house only had about 2-3 courses on before this weekend.
Here is the view of the same wall from the inside. You are looking at our kitchen in this window.
Brian finally took a few minutes to sit and enjoy the progress he has made on the house yesterday. In the interim of not having help... he sat down for 10 minutes and just looked around. He commented on not remembering when courses 5- 6- and 7 went up. That is just how hard he has been working.

View from the road.
Today I am grateful for...
sleeping well
lots of energy
visiting the house this morning (I am at such peace there... I can picture myself sitting on the porch drinking tea and eating my breakfast... no more McDonald's for me every morning!)
going for the green today (my kids will all be proficient!)
Dad C.
Brian (man you will have some stories to tell and brag about!)
picking out colors for my scrapbook room and the house this weekend.
Inspiration to sketch my scrapbook room this weekend... I love it!
Bryce sketched his toy room as well... too cute
more logs going up today
interior walls and the upstairs subfloor being built this week
roof going on in 2 weeks

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Pink Heather said...

I loved scrolling through your blog looking at the photos of your house going up. It brought back memories. My family built a Panabode home the summer I was 15. We pounded logs all summer long, following the plans, just like a jigsaw. So fun.

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