Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Clara's Visitation Day at Pre School

Off to Conquer the World....
Today is the day, Clara's 1st day of preschool. She grabbed a backpack, got herself dressed, was excited and ready.

Pictures outside of school before it started.

Too cute...
Here is Clara in front of the red door.
Clara found her name without any difficulty.
She was thrilled to go to the snack center 1st.
She enjoyed playing with the manipulative boxes that she watch Bryce play with everyday when he arrived. It is now her turn.
She was quick at putting the puzzles together.
Miss Seifert and Clara had fun working together.
Clara's day went wonderfully. She listened well... funny thing was... after we took the pictures outside by the tree and door... she kept saying "I am not ready yet." After we got inside she was fine. She didn't want to sit still, but tried her best. You can tell she is still 2 and not 3. She is probably one of the youngest ones there. She belted out the "Hello" song that Bryce taught her this morning. He was so proud to teach her his song.

Some pictures of some flowers around the house... they are just so beautiful they were just screaming out to be photographed...

Tonight I am grateful for...


time with the kids today

Chucky Cheeze-its

1st day of preschool

going places with the kids today

sleeping in

a fun visit at red door

to have gathered all my supplies for my 2 upcoming classes

creating 3 more "Say What you Want to Say" kits

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Patty S said...

such cute pictures! and she's wearing my fave combo right now - hot pink and orange!!!!

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