Sunday, May 31, 2009

Closing ceremony, knoebels, and emergency room

We had an eventful weekend...

Bryce had his closing ceremony for his preschool on Friday, so Brian, Clara and I watched him sing and do a play. It was absolutely adorable.. and I will post pictures another time. He fully participated and had fun. They acted out the story "Caps for Sale"... Emma was the lead and did an absolutely wonderful job.. she is very theatrical. I can see Clara in her place next year. Speaking of Clara, we get to go to preschool on Wed. for a visit!

Saturday was the most eventful day of all... I got my hair cut in the morning, visited my dance studio, we to knoebels with Cathie and Jonathan and the kids... for lunch and to ride a few rides... it is what my mom used to do with us when we were little. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed all 3 kids! They rode in the airplanes, boats, cars and the very exciting tea cups... Bryce and Clara loved it, however, I don't think Jonathan loved it that much! We ate way too much random food. The car ride home was eventful since Clara got sick! Oh joy! The fun doesn't stop there, after being home... I was in immense pain and had to have my mom take me to the emergency room that night. I have a bladder infection. Last time I had one of those, I was hospitalized for days. I am finding out that I am allergic to pain medicine... when I had it before, I couldn't take codine.. not I had a reaction to darvaset. The ride home today took way too long due to me feeling nautious and shaking all over. I refused to fill the prescription for more pain medicine... because I just feel ill even though the pain goes away.

Today, my mother in law and Aunt She She took care of the kids for me so that I could rest. I spent the afternoon and evening on the couch with my heating pad and watched "Made of Honor" and "The Holiday." I couldn't tell you the last time I just layed around and watched tv. It was very nice, I wish I could say that I feel wonderful, but better will have to do.

I will post the pictures from all the events from this weekend soon... when I feel up to it. Friday is my grandmother's 76th birthday and Sunday is my cousin Deidre's 21st birthday... congrats to both of them. We will be going up to celebrate next weekend... hopefully it won't be so eventful!

Tonight I am grateful for...
my mom taking care of me
driving me to the hospital and sitting there for me while freezing for over 2 hours
my sister and mom for driving me home today, since I was not allowed to drive
feeling better
Mom C. and She She for watching the kids for me today while I rested
restful sleep
heating pad

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