Sunday, February 1, 2009

One step closer

We are one step closer to being able to begin building! Can you guess what is inside of this FedEx envelope?

Blueprints.... (they look to be correct, too!)

Funny story behind these blueprints... Brian gets a call yesterday from the FedEx driver saying "I am having trouble finding your house!" Brian wasn't surprised his parent's house is hard to find... The FedEx guy gives him our new address... Brian says that we don't have a house there yet. The guy asks, "Do you have a mailbox?" Brian says, "Yes, because most people as soon as they buy land, put up a mailbox." The guy just paused and didn't know what to say. He left the blueprints with our neighbor. Brian picked them up today!!!! Yeah!

Tonight, I am grateful for...

1. A wonderful set of neighbors.
2. Correct blueprints
3. Our "Non Amish" House raising party- we are calling it this, because we can't promise to be able to do it as well as the Amish, or as quickly.

Last night, Brian and I went to one of my co-worker's 30th Surprise Birthday Party. The theme was 80's. Brian and I dressed up... I wore a sweater with a belt around it, tight-rolled my jeans, wore my hair in a side ponytail, and wore blue eyeshadow. Brian put his hair in a mohawk. We had a great time. Clara wanted to dress up too... so we added a belt to her outfit... a side ponytail and some blue and purple eyeshadow.

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