Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Past few days

So it has been one busy of a week...

Brian and I have been using the Secret to our advantage in building this house. We now have official dates. The foundation will be put it on March 11th, the house is being dropped off the week of March 23rd, the house will be put up March 28th- 29th. We also found out that we are receiving the free kitchen from the person he works with. I can't wait to post those pictures!!! I am loving that we are trying to build our house as green as possible. This family is just getting rid of the kitchen to buy a new one and we are getting it for FREE!

I am currently working on projects for a design team call and for the store. Wow, I haven't had a moment to rest.

Bryce and Clara did not sleep last night. They both woke up many times.

Tonight I am grateful for...
beautiful kitchens being repurposed
children sleeping peacefully
parents (us) sleeping peacefully
getting a full nights rest
finishing my work that needs to get done
wonderful feedback about my soup challenge

Update on Soup Challenge. If you are participating by linking to my blog post, you must post your picture to my blog by Wednesday, the day before the class. I need time to print your picture to bring to class so you can be entered to win. You can post a link to your blog or online gallery to show your picture.

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