Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day at my mom's house

Happy Valentine's Day- After we gave the kids our gifts (mostly books, since they ate their one box of candy the other night on our road trip to buy the doors), we headed to Hazleton to see Nana and Pap Pap. They gave us their big screen tv for our new house. They bought a beautiful flat screen (our dream some day) While they were loading the tv, it was my job to keep the 3 kids busy, so what better time for a photo shoot... here are the pictures that I got.

They taught Jonathan how to make a silly face (he was really unsure what to do since he is used to smiling for all pictures... sorry Aunt Cathie, I hope they didn't start something)

One of my favorite pictures of the day... Jonathan and Clara
Here is the tale of the "traveling sweater"...
When I was a little girl, Clara's age, my mom made me this red sweater. She remembers both Cathie and I wearing it... she was showing us things in a trunk today when she found the sweater, Clara tried it on and loved it... so here continues the tale of the "traveling sweater."
Too cute!
Just because they were lying there...
~Catherine loves to take fun pictures, so she found these hats and wanted a picture... I love her and her personality. I love that Clara is silly just like her!

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