Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day and gifts

Our Valentine's Days gifts to each other...
Here is Brian holding the album I created for him

Here are the cards we created for each other... they both had to do with "keys to our hearts"- we are too much alike...

Poem that Brian wrote me inside my card.

Brian created me an acryllic album that he painted to say "home" He wanted to add pictures and stuff, but decided not to since it is what I love to do. We both gave each other similar albums and cards this year. Too funny.

Here we are on Valentine's Day... it is our 8th valentine's day together and one of my favorites. We went out to dinner at The Marblehead. I had "Lazyman's Lobster" it is lobster that is already shelled and baked in butter... yum. Next time I want to ask to have the butter browned. It was delicious. Brian had blackened steak. We went to the Promenade Shops to see a movie, but it was too busy. So we went to Aeropostale to catch the great sales. The kids went to "Chucky Cheese-its" if you ask Bryce. They had a wonderful time with Grammy, Pop Pop, Aunt She She and Pappy. Makenna and Gavin were there too! I am grateful that I enjoy Valentine's day now and don't dread it like I used too.

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