Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life is what you make it...

Life is totally what you make it. Everyday is affected by your thoughts and attitude. I have been living my life using "The Secret" since September, but funny thing is, my husband and I have been using it for years without even knowing it. We are only 30 years old and building our dream house. I have numerous projects in the works that I will post when they happen.

We decided to give this book to each member of our family for Christmas. My sister-in-law has loved and taken to the philosophy as much as we have since she received it. It is funny, everytime she sends out an email listing things-goals, etc... they are all things that I love to do. I am definitely a planner, so I have my life planned out years in advance. I have done this since I was a kid. For instance, my plan was to have my Master's Degree before we had kids. Currently, I almost have the equivelent of 2 1/2 Master's Degrees with all the classes I have taken. Funny thing is, I have only been teaching for 9 years. We planned out when we were having our children. Our lives have been falling into place as we have planned.

So here are the answers to the email that Amy sent out recently...
Goals for this year...
Be published at least 3 times
Be on 2 design teams before the end of the year
Create a challenge blog
Build my Campbell's Creations Etsy Store and kits sold at LSS.
By July, be moving into our cabin.
By the end of the year, have my scrapbook room built.
Before the new school year, buy my Jeep Commander.
By next spring, Brian will have finished building my Jeep Wrangler.
By the end of the school year, Clara will be fully potty trained. (She is currently 2 1/2)
Spend next Easter at Disney World.
Take lots of photography classes to learn lots more
Have a successful stand at Valley Forge Convention

Goals for 5 years from now...
Buy our 2 vacation homes (1 in key west and 1 log cabin on a lake up north)
Keep a boat at each of the vacation homes
Buy and rent out rental units
Be in the Scrapbooking field fulltime
Teach 1/2 day, just because I love my career!
Spend weeks at our vacation homes.
Cruise to Alaska
Cruise to Mexico
Be a retailer and be at CHA
Teach scrapbooking around the world
Be an advanced photographer

Goals by the time I am 40...
Have plenty of money invested for retirement and college funds.
Have our house we are building this March paid off
Foster parent

Please share your dreams, but most importantly know them for yourself and create your future to be what you want it to be.

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Beth said...

Great plans! I particularly like the Key West house-I can't wait to *be there*. You gals have definately piqued my interest in The Secret-I'll have to check it out sometime!

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