Monday, February 16, 2009

Things I am Grateful for...

Today I am Grateful for...

~ doors (We bought a set of 8' double doors for the cabin for $250. We couldn't find a good steel door for that price. They are solid oak and beautiful. Here is a picture of them with the guy we bought them from and a picture of them in the garage next to the slidding glass doors that will be on the other side of the house. Look how small they look.) * We think the doors were from a church.

~ Jeans (I bought a new pair of jeans this weekend, they are the size I wore when I was 22. Whoo hoo! The Secret works for loosing weight) This is my photo of the day for Friday.

~ Kits (My last newest kit sold out in a week... I made 3 more to sell this week, but that is all I can make. I created a new layout kit to sell. I am grateful that it will be a hit as well.) I am grateful to all who bought my kit.

~ I am grateful to have had today to spend with my children. We went on an alligator hunt. We read numerous books. We took naps! (me too) We did our "scrappin stuff."

~ I am grateful to have spent an hour watching my favorite show, House, with Brian.

~ I am grateful to have eaten 2 meals with Brian today, breakfast and dinner. I love that he works right outside and can join us for breakfast even while he is working.

~I am grateful that my strep throat has gone away. I woke up Friday morning with strep, got antibiotics by lunch and felt better by the evening. I had the weekend to recoop.

~I am grateful to have a new box of "Lemonades" to snack on... thanks Beth for selling Girl Scout Cookies at the store, it makes it really easy to buy lots of them this year.

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