Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1 step closer

Blueprints are back in our hands after being approved. Copies have been made and have begun being given to the appropriate people. We are scheduling the foundation to be put in the week of my birthday... what a great present! We are having our "non-Amish" house raising party the last weekend in March. We could use as much help as possible in building the house. Brian informed me that I will be very good at numerous new skills by the end of building this house. Basically, he is going to teach me to do all the things that he doesn't want to do. Ex. wiring the house and outlets. I am sure it will be easy to learn. I love to learn new things. In fact this is one thing that Brian and I have in common and why we are together. My first dance teacher put it best when meeting with her at the beginning of the fall... she said that the two of us are alike... we are "knowledge whores." We can't get enough knowledge, we are constantly seeking it out. We have "little use" for people who cannot "teach us something." When I told Brian the story, he said he is the same way. We are constantly seeking out new information. We are lifelong learners. Anyway, back to the house... I am very excited to learn new skills in this process... I can add construction worker to my list of things that I can do. This past summer, I added race car driver to my list. Today, I am grateful for knowledge, spring weather, building the house March 28th. I am grateful to move into the house July 1st. Brian wants the official day to be July 4th- Independence day (pun intended)

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Beth said...

WOO HOO!!! At this point we think we will be in N.C. for the Christening of our friends' twins on March 28-but we will certainly be thinking of you!!

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