Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Anniversary!!!

What a great few days...
Today is our 7th anniversary! We just returned from our trip to Valley Forge. We had an incredible dinner at Melting Pot (which is my new favorite restaurant) and lucky us... it is opening in Bethlehem in 2 weeks. Anyway, we had a free champagne toast with our dessert... I couldn't tell you which of the 4 courses was our favorite... they were all incredible. The dinner was our gift to each other...

I was away at the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooking Convention for the past weekend. I love going there each year and learning new techniques and seeing what the latest and greatest products there are out there. I had a great time. Terry, Jenn and I had a blast cropping in our room on Saturday night. It was my favorite part of the weekend. We made lots of fun plans for next year. I loved our dinners out too!

(Sorry about the blurry pics from my camera phone.)

When I returned home today... I went to a Stampin up party to see Cibele and say goodbye; hopefully not forever. I found out at the party that I won this week's challenge at Scrapping the Music! Whoo hoo! What a great anniversary present!

So, progress on the house... here is what it looked like the day I left for the conference....

Here is what it looked like when I returned. I was in tears! How beautiful!

Look at those windows!
Can you pictures sitting on the couch looking out at those trees... I can!
Looking up at the loft!
View from the road!

Tonight, we went swimming! I missed the kids so much! I hate being away from them for a day and I was away for 4 days! Yuck! I missed them... but we had our hours of hugs and kisses tonight and quality play time.
Bryce jumping in the pool.
Clara jumping in to me.
What a splash!!! She loved it... so did I!

Tonight, I am grateful for...

Brian- 7 married years of happiness, rough times, and all the in between... and being able to get through it all!
Bryce and Clara
Everyone who watched the kids for me this past few days so I could learn more and enjoy time with Brian
Window shopping at Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and many other stores...
Green leather chair that I can picture myself sitting in
Melting Pot
Free champagne
Fainting Goat Wine
Asiago cheese spread
New scrapbook paper!!!!
New scrapbook supplies
Buffy and our talks this weekend!
Scrapping with Mom C at the crop
Scrapping with Terry and Jenn
pillow fights (or posed ones)
winning Scrapping the Music
winning door prizes at classes
card from the kids for our anniversary
all the text messages today!
working at Kinnon's booth (it was fun being a demo girl again!)
scrapping and classes with Mary Ann and her sister
whirlpool tubs
Our home!!!
Love and truly knowing what it is all about!

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Happy Anniversary to you and Brian!! I am glad that you had a great time this weekend!! I wish i could of gone, next time!! I love the house, it looks great!!

09 10