Monday, August 17, 2009

Special day with the kids today- (long post)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Clara!
Do you think she enjoyed her presents?
All she wanted was jewelry!Clara dressed in her "Fancy Nancy" dress and her jewelry.

My little model.
She enjoyed posing!
Mommy all dressed up with Clara!
Yummy, sugar cookie with a cream cheese topping and fresh fruit!
Grammy and Clara
Clara, Terry, Patrik and Joe
Clara, Brian and Jenn
Look how Fancy Uncle Jeremy and Makenna came.
Fancy Nana Nancy
Aunt Cathie
Singing Happy Birthday!
The kids were able to decorate their own cupcake or brownie rather fancy.
Guests in their fancy garb.
More decorating
Look how fancy!
Pool party
Pop Pop and Clarabella
Daddy and Clara
Those were the pictures from yesterday... here are the pictures from today... her actual birthday!
This morning, I made Clara special birthday pancakes with sprinkles on them... we had 4 candles, 1 for each year and 1 to wish on....
Clara opening her Fancy Nancy phone.
Her new Fancy Nancy doll
Her pony amusement park
Today, we had a fun day with Nana! Thanks again Nana!
I can't believe that Clara is 3 years old... wow, how time flies!

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