Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cozy Cabin pictures

Welcome to our Cozy Cabin
This picture turned out so much better that the last one I took.Look at my scrapbook window that was put in today!
Here is a picture of the gable end of the house. Brian and Shaun are framing out the back wall.

I can't wait to be looking out these windows.
Pop Pop was leveling out behind the house. He is backfilling the back yard.
Another view
I love that the back will be level with the porch.
View of the backfilling.
The kids heading out into the back yard to play.
They made swords and had a blast.
View from the back yard.
View of our back window.
View of the closets.
View from the closets looking out on the 2nd floor.
Another view
View of the bathroom.

View from loft
View from the windows.

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