Saturday, August 22, 2009

Emma's birthday, House update and Playdough

Emma's 5th Birthday
We enjoyed time at Bounce U with Emma celebrating her birthday. All the kids had a great time.It was such a calm party... only little ones which made it nice and not too crazy.
Clara was able to do everything by herself. She climbed all the areas on her own and had a blast! She wasn't able to do that 4 months ago at Makenna's party! I can't believe what a difference 4 months makes.
Bryce had a blast hanging out with one of his best friends.
The Gang
House update:
The roof is on... the gable is done! We just need to add the deck and the roof for the porch!
Next: Working on the steps!
The 4 guys knocked out the entire side in 3 nights!
I decided to make playdough for my students as a gift when I meet them on Thursday for my punch party! Bryce and Clara were so excited to make their own playdough, that they helped me make 15 batches of playdough! They were incredibly helpful, they each had a job to do and they did it well. Bryce was in charge of measuring and pouring in the flour, clara was in charge of salt and cream of tartar. Then Bryce was in charge of filling the measuring cup with water, Clara added oil to the water and I added food coloring... Clara would stir and then Bryce would add the water mixture to the dry mixture... both would mix the batter... then I would cook it on the stove. What great team work! We all had a blast!
I am giving each child a large ball of playdough... I made some for the kids (B & C) and some for my classroom as well.
Today, we are enjoying our last jammie day before I go back to school. I am sad that the summer is over already... it didn't feel like a real summer due to the weather. I hope that the weather stays warm, so that after school we can swim some more, since I don't feel that we did enough of that this summer.

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I love the pictures and your blog!! You have to send me the picture of the gang to me, mine got blurry.

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