Sunday, August 30, 2009

Windows and doors

Windows and doorsToday, Brian, Todd, Fred and Dad C. put in windows and the sliding glass doors.
A delivery of gravel was made to the property for the electric trench.
Here is one of the windows in Bryce's room.
Brian put plastic over the large windows that will be custom made.
Here is the sliding glass door that I helped install tonight.
I am grateful for...
my morals
windows and doors
plastic sheeting over roof and windows
the steps being started tomorrow
electric trench being dug tomorrow
dinner out with Jonathan and Mom
conscious discipline
creating my safe space in my classroom tomorrow
1st day of school
children's excitement
looking forward to a great year
a fabulous punch party
finishing unpacking my room tomorrow
Bryce wasn't hurt by the tv that fell over him
a special announcement on my next post
delicious dinner tonight
playing pirates today with Makenna, Bryce and Clara
goodnight's sleep

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