Monday, July 27, 2009

200th post... with exciting news!

Clara went swimming today!That might not sound like really exciting news.... but for a child who fell under the water and has been deathly afraid of water all summer... today was a big day for her!
Daddy pulled her out into the middle and she quickly realized she was having fun!
She was spinning, floating, blowing bubbles in the water, jumping off the step to Daddy, asking to be tossed in the water... just amazing! She is so proud of herself! She didn't even need to wait until she was 3, like she was telling herself.
Swimming all by herself!

Clara and Daddy
Bryce and Clara were racing to the steps!
Jumping to Daddy
Huge milestone, since her last one was just going onto the 3rd step by herself!

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Anonymous said...

That is great!! I am so glad for her!! Tell her congratulations!!

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