Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!!What a wonderful day we had today. 1st they went with Grammy and Aunt She She to an egg hunt; however it was rained out. Then I took the kids to the mall (which I rarely go to when I have Brian with me, so this was a huge event!). We first went to Barnes and Noble to get books for tomorrow's egg hunt. Then we walked through the entire mall to get to the Easter Bunny. It was a very long walk for 2 sets of tiny legs. We waited in line for about 30-40 minutes before seeing the bunny. They both stood very nicely. I was so proud of them. Then they built a bear for Clara and a bunny for Bryce. I will need to take pictures of them with their new friends and post soon. Then we went into a toy store to get Makenna her birthday present. (I got a deal of the century there.) What a great time we had tonight.
Brian took Bryce and Gavin to race slot cars for Gavin's birthday. We got him a slot car for his present. They had a blast. Clara and I enjoyed dancing and scrappin tonight. I cleared off my table... yeah for me!
Hope everyone enjoys their holiday! Hope the bunny is good to your family! I can't wait for the kids to see their baskets.
Tonight I am grateful for...
time with my kids
going places with them
how well behaved they are
scrappin with Clara
Dancing with both of them
Easter bunnies
lilies (my favorite flower)
a clean scrapbook table
stamps (got some really cute ones today)
my Easter gifts (they are so cute but can't post until after next weekend when they are all given out)
picture with the Easter bunny
conversations with the kids
playing "mommy says"
time to blog
15 days until the house is built
lots of help with the house
(if you are interested in helping, we could use you)
Grateful for all the help we have had so far
The kids excitement for the house
color (how boring life would be without it)

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