Monday, April 13, 2009

Makenna's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Makenna's 3rd birthday at Bounce U. Both kids had an absolutely wonderful time, so did Brian and I. This was Clara's 1st time there and Bryce's 2nd time; however, it was Bryce's 1st time being able to do it all by himself. He loved it. We didn't even see him, since he could do it on his own. Clara was in her element. She has zero fear and loves to bounce. So, put her in a blow up area and she just had a blast. They both did a great job moving from room to room without getting upset.Our little "tigger".
Playing basketball with Makenna's Nanny

She loved the big slides.
Bryce making a slam dunk!
Clara going down the large slide all by herself.

Bryce jumping off the edge into a pit.

Makenna began to like the slide after awhile. Then was sad when it was time to move on.
Trying to go off roading!
The crew
Jeremy, Makenna, Gavin and Amy
Look at her cute cake

Makenna cut the 1st few pieces.
Hi- ya!
Look at that cute face.
Grammy, Makenna and Pop Pop

On our way home, the kids wanted to ride with Grammy and Pop Pop so that they could go to their house... hahaha... that is where we live... it was cute though. Then they called to place a Wendy's order... they were so hungry from the work out they got. I don't know if it is the adrenaline or what, but they are still awake. I can't believe I go back to school tomorrow already. It was a great break, but it flew. Especially with all the events we had. I got a lot of scrapbooking done this weekend. I finished Christmas and December, I am working on Thanksgiving now. I did a layout of Clara and the Easter bunny from last weekend. Can you tell I don't scrapbook in order? I have piles of layouts that need to be put into books. I don't want to do it until I fill in all the missing pieces. I hope to do that over the next few weeks.
Tonight, I am grateful for...
fearless children
Frosty floats
good night's rest
hot shower
a student teacher, teaching tomorrow (all but 45 minutes)
time to scrapbook
bedtime routines
piggy tales
adorable kids
birthdays (they are my favorite)
getting a lot accomplished off my to do lists

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