Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today is the Day

Today is the day that the house was delivered. It has arrived... it is off the truck and placed on the property in different staging areas.
This morning, Brian called and asked me to stop by the property... I did, however, it took me longer than normal because I turned at Bergie's and forgot to go straight... so I had to turn around. Then when I got to the stop sign at school, I decided to go to McDonald's even though there was breakfast at school. Why do I tell you this? If I didn't choose to do all these things this morning, I wouldn't have witnessed my house drive by... while sitting in the drive through... I saw my house go by on the truck. I got to drive up Polk Valley Rd. behind it... with tears in my eyes of course! I thought I was going to miss that monumental moment today since I didn't take the day off. I didn't... I got to experience it! I love how fate can make things happen.
Here is a picture of our logs. They are giant Lincoln Logs. I guess Brian should read how to put the house together, huh!

The kids made a giant slide at the property.

The kids in the forklift.
Another picture of happiness. Can you see the checking that has occurred? Checking is splitting of the log that occurs naturally as the log dries. That is how you can tell if it is a true log home or log sided home.

Tonight I am grateful for...
Brian asking me to come to the property this morning
witnessing my house drive by
tears of happiness
Non-Amish house raising party (it is not too late to join in the fun- just give us a call or email)
everyone who is helping us
strength and endurance of the men and women helping
Jenn for watching our kids during the day
Amy for watching the kids overnight
Mom C. for cooking
Brian (the person who is making this happen)
men who are helping build
being able to be at the property tonight
sleep to get ready for one of the most exciting weekends... we have been planning this house, longer than we planned our wedding

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Maryann said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I love fate!! (oh and McD's too!)

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