Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday's progress

Let there be logs? This is the view from the morning, showing the progress from last night's subfloor. We finished cutting the outside edge off the subfloor to make it flush with the wall. We temporarily covered the stairway so that noone falls.Time to begin...
Tyler and Jesse worked on putting the baseplate down. Thanks for all your help today. You were a keystone in getting done as much as we did!
Todd made an appearance and wanted to take over supervising the site. Who comes to a construction site wearing flip flops? Just wondering... just joking Todd! He didn't do a very good job, because he didn't catch our mistake. We were told to put all the baseplates on wrong... so after we had them all in glued and nailed... we had to rip them all up and switch them around... we had them placed so that the D would face in instead of out... grrr... Goooooosfraaaaba!
Baseplates done... Brian is getting the first load of logs...
Here they come... can you feel the excitement?
Tada!!!! I just love them! Rough cut with the chain saw.
One of the Lions came to give us a wreath that his wife made us for our house. It turns out that he was Jesse's teacher. Small world! It is a gorgeous wreath made out of pine cones and blueberries.
Here is what you do between each set of logs... put glue and tacky strip down.
Jason and Brian laying the second log.
I love how it hangs over the edge.
View from the driveway.
Jason and Shelby helped us the entire day.
Carrying the log himself... showoff!
Tonight I am grateful...
to see logs going up
framing being done
catching mistakes before they are too late
Help from Jesse, Tyler, Jason, Shelby and Dad C.
finishing the logs this week and next weekend
being able to laugh at the mistakes that were made (right Jesse?)
to have more help next weekend
to sleep well
wake up well rested
to be stronger
to be a little more tan
new sunglasses
drinking between 10-12 bottles of water
delicious food
adorable children (Clara wouldn't give me a hug until I took a shower... too cute)
Jenn and Randy for allowing the children to sleep over and stay with them all weekend.
John and Daphney (our new neighbors, who are wonderful)

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Beth said...

This looks FABULOUS! I'm so excited for you - I can't wait to see what's been going on this week!! (((hugs)))

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