Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Our little bunnies are very tired after their very busy day today. When I awoke at 8 am, Bryce was sitting out on the couch awake saying "The Easter Bunny came!" I asked him if he checked it out and he said no. When Clara woke up about 40 minutes later, they both ran as fast as they could down to check it out. The bunny hid eggs that they first tried to find... then they went straight to their baskets. They were adorable. They loved it all. They both loved their ribbon wands that the bunny got them and ran up and down the hallway... funny thing that Bryce said was, "the bunny got it wrong!" The bunny gave him blue and not green. Too cute!
Our cute little bunnies...
Clara loved her small bunny

Bryce with his baskets at Aunt Amy's house (doesn't he look cute in that green shirt?)

Makenna and Bryce
Clara and Gavin
Gavin always takes such great care of her!

The Cousins
Don't they look silly in those glasses

They loved their pinwheels from Aunt She She and Pappy

Tonight I am grateful for...
my little bunnies
the joy in pinwheels
Clara just coming out and saying goosfraba in the middle of a conversation between my mother and law and myself... it was really funny!
relaxation tomorrow
yummy candy
giving gifts
bounce u- looking forward to Makenna's party tomorrow
jammie day tomorrow
cute Easter pictures
great sleep
spending time together today

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