Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday's progress

Subfloor is complete... first set of logs go up tomorrow!!!It has been a long, wonderful day. We had beautiful weather which made my freckles start to come out. I can say that we have and will be putting our sweat equitiy into this house. She She and I were using the nail guns, while the men cut, glued and hammered the pieces into place.
Above is a picture of John working with Brian.
Close up of the nail guns we were using.
Pappy and I were supervising at this moment!
Pappy came up to help us when we thought we had a problem with putting the flooring down crooked. Turns out one of the guys the other day put one of the floor joists in wrong and it threw us off. It took a good 3 hours for us to figure out that it wasn't the subfloor and that it was the floor joists.
Jeremy was a huge help today. I joked and told him he was trying to be a Maguiver like Brian does. He rigged up a belt as well as a bridge to the hill, so we didn't have to climb up and down on ladders. First, before the bridge he had to try jumping. It scared me to death.

Pappy helping Brian figure out what to do about the crooked flooring.

Here is Brian taking a 2 minute break after realizing that it wasn't the subfloor, which he started ripping up... that it was the floor joists. He tried to calm himself with "Goosfraba!!!" but it didn't work.

She She and I putting the holes/nails in the floor.

We refused to leave until the subfloor was done.
Brian, his dad and I were there until 9pm finishing the floor. We are ready for 9am when we start laying logs.
Tonight I am grateful for...
a beautiful porch (aka subfloor)
all the help today from everyone in all aspects (food helpers, volunteers, child watchers, etc.)
my camera to document this time
beautiful weather
getting tan
staying hydrated
everyone who plans on helping tomorrow
falling asleep easily

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