Thursday, April 2, 2009

House update

We secured all plans for the house to be delivered at the end of the month. We got our confirmation today from the log home company! Yeah, they have been the ones holding the project up the most! I am so grateful to have a definite date. On Sunday, Brian will be putting up the I-beam and posts. On Thursday, the subfloor will be delivered and Brian has 2 weeks to put the subfloor on before the house is delivered.

Set you date...April 25th and 26th... Campbell's Non-Amish House Raising Party. If you would like to be a part of this grand event, please let me know. My mother in law will be cooking and helping to deliver food. I will be mostly at the property to take pictures, drill holes and organize. I hope to help as much as possible. I will also be driving people back and forth to their cars. I am so excited, I am about to bust!

Tonight I am Grateful for...

House raising party
My classes I had tonight
Bryce feeling better (he even ate toast)
A sick day tomorrow to spend time with the kids
Clara being healthy
Being healthy
French soda- gingerale
A student teacher, so writing sub plans was easy
Sleeping through the night tonight

Here is the winner of the Campbell's Soup Challenge #2

She won chipboard circles

I love how she use the two different papers for her background.

Buffy was unable to make it to the store last night for the challenge... check out her layout below. I love how she used the blue and orange to accent the pictures... absolutely beautiful!

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