Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I need a new word

So, after my crop tonight... I need a new word. If Gooooooooosfraba helps you when you are angry, what word helps you when you are extremely scared out of your skin? Please post a comment and share a word that I can use to calm my nerves.

So, I had my crop tonight until midnight.. yes, you are reading that I am posting at 11:21 and have already made it home, taken a shower, unloaded the car... I didn't stay until midnight. I was planning on staying until Christmas was scrapbooked... however, we were talking about "the children" when the scariest noise I have ever heard happened. The first time, my friend, Terry only heard it, then the second time, all 3 of us heard it. The only person that moved at first was me reaching for the phone. Terry, went towards the steps to check it out and sees a bulldozer being unloaded onto the sidestreet. Sigh, so I go down and double check that Amy locked the door behind her when she left, check! When I walk upstairs, the light in the kitchen is off.... "goosfraba" or whatever word you guys suggest! Then, I go to the classroom because all I see are flashing lights out the window. There is UGI drilling up the road. I go, great watch there be a gas leak... Don't know.... ahhhh... So, I call Amy, not home yet, so I talk to Jeremy, still all a flutter, honestly!!! I don't know when I will be going back to scrap alone. So, long story getting longer, I decided to leave when they left a little after 10. Christmas still isn't done, but sanity is still kinda intact... not really, but I am faking it well.

Side story, my father in law scared me to death last weekend. So, this is now the 2nd event to scare me. I hate to be scared. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts!!!

Tonight I am grateful,
that it turned out to be UGI making a lot of scary noises
to scrap with friends
Anger Managment (was watching it tonight)
Brian being home (since he was camping last weekend when I was first scared)
to sleep peacefully and soundly tonight
White pizza (yum... ordered it for dinner)
to finish Christmas tomorrow
days off for Easter
sub floor being delivered tomorrow

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