Saturday, July 11, 2009

2nd floor tonight

View tonight...This is the view tonight of the scaffolding ready to start the roof tomorrow.
Here are the two beams that hold up the floor above. They are cut from 2 of our logs... we had them milled for the house.

View from our bedroom... looking out onto the loft.

View from the loft looking into the dining room.

View from the loft looking into the living room.

View of both rooms

It is a long way down...

Brian standing in one of the walk in closets.

View of our bedroom... we are going for the outdoors- in look right now.

The bathroom window that is above the whirlpool tub.

View from our bathroom... not that you will have a view once the walls are up!

One more... to give you an idea of where the peak of the roof is... 3 feet above where the scaffolding ends...
Thanks for visiting the Campbell's Cozy Cabin...
it is getting cozier every day!

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