Saturday, July 11, 2009

Roof system at lunchtime

The kids and I brought pizza to the property for lunch...
here is what we saw...
The peak
The dormer is complete... the window is in the master bathroom... the wall to the left of the window are the 2 walk in closets..

another view
Tyler and the kids having a drink break.

view from behind the house

another view

View from back right corner... we are looking at Bryce's room

View from back left corner... Clara's room

view from ladder

one more of the bathroom

View looking up through Clara's room
The kids and I will be going back at dinner time to see what other progress they are getting done today...
I am grateful for...
the roofing team (4 men)
Jesse and Tyler
Jesse letting us use his generator, since ours is not currently working
Brian and Dad C.
great weather...
You are all doing a great job!!!

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