Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Claws and Paws

Claws and Paws
Today, Nana and I took the kids to Claws and Paws
All of our favorite animal was the giraffe.
They ran to these photo opts to get their picture taken.

We also loved the lions...

Look at the huge snake... Nana held one of these around her necks a few years ago!

Alligators- both kids were extremely scared of the alligators... Bryce actually squeezed onto Nana's arm really tight while looking at the alligators.

12:30 is Feeding the Giraffe time
I have never had the opportunity to do this before, but will make sure I get there everytime from now on... it was simply amazing.
His tongue was incredibly soft like velvet... it was about 12 inches long... and blue (which I knew)
Bryce and I both fed the giraffe. Clara almost did but she got a little timid when he bent down to eat out of our hands.
Look at that tongue

Clara and I feeding him
Bryce and Nana

One more view

The beautiful white tiger


Thanks Nana for the best day!!!

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