Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am grateful for today

It has been a rough start to the week... Clara is teething, everyone is exhausted... we are all off our normal sleeping patterns... kids were up until 10, 11 and even midnight one night in the past week... they are normally in bed by 8, asleep by 8:30 at the latest... now we are struggling... but we will get back to normality soon. In saying that, even Bryce has been napping lately due to being so sleepy... cause they still wake up at 7:30... on their own.

Today, was a great day, yes, we were still up early, after going to sleep late, but Clara's mouth was feeling much better today, the kids loved playing together today, I got to scrapbook, we played Hungy, Hungry Hippos and hide and seek together today... it was just a lot of fun... then they both layed down for a nap at the same time and fell asleep! Yeah! More scrappin time... I will post pics soon... I am up to May for scrappin the kids stuff... as of yesterday, I was at last August... but after doing our O. C. trip, a snow layout and some birthdays... we are at May!!! I always feel so much better when I have a chance to catch up on my scrappin... it was really bothering me that I didn't do last summer's vacation... but it is now done!

Tonight, I went to Beth's jewelry show and got some great jewelry! Can't wait to get it in... I just updated my Campbell's Creations blog with the 3rd layout for Quick Creations...

I also have 2 classes on Friday... Explosion Box and Mini Magazine holder with 4 cards...

Tomorrow will be a great day as well... can't wait to see what the kids and I do! don't forget tomorrow is 7-8- 09... take a picture at 10:11:12!

I am grateful for...
my kids
Hungry Hungry hippos
playing hide and seek
Scrappin so much
Brian... (many reasons... too many to list)
beautiful pictures that I printed today to scrap
fireworks ... just some of the pics
macaroni and cheese... made some today... yummy
all interior walls on the 1st floor being done...
roof being worked on this weekend
beautiful day tomorrow
sleeping in

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