Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sneak peek into my past week... (long post)

Here is a sneak peek into my past week...
I have been busy scrapbooking... up to May 2009... yeah!!!
Bryce's last day
I have been taking a lot of pictures of flowers lately.

Today, we went to White Haven to visit my Great Aunt Miriam and we got some fixtures and items out of my Great Grandfather's house. I remember visiting my Grandpoppop at this house when I was younger. The house is nothing like I remembered it. My Uncle Earl gutted the place to fix it up, but never had a chance to finish it. Unfortunately, they need to tear it down. So what better way to build a "green" house then Reuse items!!!

We took the front door... I can't wait to see which of the 3 places in the house we decide to use this door! I absolutely love it. My Great Grandmother put stain glass window stickers on the outside pieces... I remember them well. I won't be doing that, but it is a great memory!

Clara and I took a walk down the road and visited my Grandmother's school.

Here are the kids on the walkway steps.
Another cute one!

One more....

Life lessons... you don't get everything that you want out of life when you want it... you need to learn how to use your manners, not behave inappropriately and immaturely.
This week's Scrapping the Music Challenge is If Today Were Your Last Day by Nickelback... the quote that stands out to me is...
"My best friend gave me the best advice. He said each day's a gift and not a given right."
There are way too many people in this world that feel entitled to too many things... they feel it is their right! Each day is a gift and we should treat it that way... not treat each other badly, feel we deserve things that we truly do not deserve because we didn't earn them. You need to act respectfully to gain respect! Life lessons...

Grammy, the kids and I went to the carnival and had a lot of fun! We then took Pop Pop and Daddy dinner at the property! They are doing such a wonderful job!

I taught a Kid's Camp last week as well as many other classes...

On Saturday, my sister came down and we went to the carnival again! Jonathan and the kids had a blast riding the rides!

The fireworks were amazing as well!
(couldn't resist)

Tonight I am grateful for...
time with family
reusing numerous items from my Great Grandparents' house (not disclosing all the items yet, wait and see....)
Aunt Miriam for giving them to us
My family for teaching me every day is a gift and not a given right and showing that in how they live their life everyday!
My sister, for being strong, a great role model to her son, while learning how to be a single mom again and providing for the 2 of them on her own
My mom, who is such a great role model, hard worker, repectful, dependable
Brian, for having the same values as me and making it easy to raise 2 children together, for sharing the same vision for our future, trying to always reach out and help others without consuming his life in theirs, 11 more days until our 7th anniversary!
Moving into our cabin... the date has been set, will post soon!
Progress on the house
for the family and friends who have not even seen our house yet to visit soon...
being a life long learner and always seeking new information... ie. currently learning new scrapbook techniques, reading a wonderful book that is even better than the secret, and learning how to build a "green" house.
Spending time with Tori tomorrow
Going to see Cirque Du Solei tomorrow with mom, Cathie and Jonathan
Going to the CK scrapbook convention with Terry, Jenn and Mom C.
Getting to crop with them!
Shopping... yeah!
Taking classes...
Spending an extra night down there with Brian for our anniversary.
Getting to go to the Melting Pot!!! Yummo!
7 days until the Convention
You- thank you for reading my blog and taking a sneak peek into my life.

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