Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's beginning to look like a house

View from the drivewayAs you pull up, this is what you will see... In the front of the house you can see the large framed out windows. in the basement, you can see where the 2 sets of french doors will go. On the side of the house you can see a window and the large double doors (our main entrance).
This is part of the living room.

Brian is currently working in the dining room part of the great room.

This is another picture of the living room, on the left you can see where the sliding glass doors will go... it will eventually lead you out to a sunroom (an addition).

Dad C. cutting one of the logs. Every log is cut using a chainsaw.
Brian placing a log.

He is loving it!

Another view from the driveway.

View from opposite side of the house. You can see our current "main" entrance to the house... yes, that ladder. I am becoming less and less afraid each time I climb it. It was a little scary watching the children climb up... even more scary watching Brian carry them down.


I just love how the logs pass each other on the corners.

Main entrance
Brian needs to put many long screws into each log as it is placed.

Tonight I am grateful for...
great weather (enabling us to get a lot done)
beautiful house
beautiful view
serene setting
wonderful neighbors
Porta potties (it enables the kids and I to be at the property for long periods of time)
Clara being potty trained
Clara and I visiting Red Door
meeting wonderful children who will be in my class next year
my voice returning
feeling healthy
rejuvenating sleep
my new scrap class in June "What's your style?"
full class on Friday
jewelry arriving soon
adorable children who play very nicely together
polite children
watching my kids interact with other kids on the playground and how they try to make new friends and how they are sad when they have to leave their new friends
Nathan Alexander Long- born yesterday~ Congrats Long family!!!
Brian~ the one person who I know I look forward to spending my every today and tomorrow with...
Clara~ who will one day be running the country (in some way)
Bryce~ whose intelligence baffles me
My mom~ whose strength and wisdom made me the person I am
My sister~ my inspiration... how does she do it??? Mom, excellent aunt
Strength of my students and their families- over the years, I have had numerous "sad" stories that have passed through my doors, I was reminded of one today when my coworker screened his sister... what stories these 5 year olds have to tell, what they have endured already in their lives or have to endure each day. I am grateful for their strength and happiness.
Moving into our home on July 4th!


Cindy Mae said...

It looks AWESOME!!!

Jiggy Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - your work is great!!!! Good luck on your house!!

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