Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thoughts for today

After playing "The Secret" game today, I got this quote...

"You do not have to erase negative thoughts you have had. All you have to do is feel good and think good thoughts right now, and you will shift yourself to a completely different frequency where no negativity exists. No matter what you have thought in the past, whether ten years ago or one minute ago, NOW is where all your power is. Right NOW you can use your power and shift yourself. When you know this, you can move through your life without fear or regrets, because you can always think good thoughts NOW. "

This is a great quote... I used this today. We had a rough night last night. Bryce was up most of the night because his ear hurt. Yes, after going to the doctor both him and Clara have an ear infection. Anyway, I was exhausted and didn't feel well myself... but I had happy thoughts all the way to school and ended up having a wonderful day.

So, erase those negative thoughts and think "happy thoughts" and you too will have a wonderful day!

Tonight I am grateful for...
my kids feeling wonderful
sleeping through the night
getting lots of assessments done tomorrow (due to rain day)
watching a movie
playing life with Bryce
listening to Clara's conversations (she is so verbose)
chocolate chip cookies
Jeep Commanders
my jeep

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