Monday, May 4, 2009

Layouts from my Scrappin Weekend

Scrapbook Layouts from this weekend...
I went scrapping with Amy K and Terry this weekend, as well as my new BFF Jill. (Funny story!) Anyway, I got a lot done this weekend. It has been a very long time since I have been able to knock out tons of layouts. Everytime I go to scrap, I only get a few things done. However, I was able to do over 50 layouts this weekend. I haven't officially counted but I know it is a lot.
Here is a layout from when I drove the jeep racer.
Here is my layout for Easter morning.

Page 1 of "I hope you Dance"

Page 2 of "I Hope you Dance"

One of the numerous layouts from Dad C's Nascar Experience.
Page 1 of "My Girly Girl"

Page 2 of "My Girly Girl"

She is so cute.
This was one of my Quick Creations layouts... here it is with the pictures on it.
Egg Hunt at the Church
Egg hunt at Nana's house

Locks for Love- page 1
Locks for Love page 2

My Race

Close up of journaling

More Nascar Experience
This is one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken!

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Happie Stamper said...

Great pages Jenn! I wish I could have been at the crop. I was so excited I see my picture is in one of your layouts. I hope all is well with you! Talk to you soon!

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