Saturday, May 9, 2009

Progress at Property and Mother's Day

Working on the Cozy Cabin...
We invited all of our friends over today to help...

They all came to help!
(See below) hehehe

Remember a post from the day the house began being built... who wears flip flops to the property... well, we found 2 more people... my sister and Jonathan! Flip flops don't go very well with mud. They both lost their shoes.Jonathan gave me my Mother's Day gift. I am his "godmother". They drove down just to give me my present... Can you tell that I love it???

Catherine got pictures of the kids taken last weekend when she was babysitting them for us. Isn't it a beautiful picture. I can't wait to see all of the pictures.
The kids loved it too! Then we all headed over to my school's playground to play for a little while before heading home.

We had a great time.

It was such a beautiful day, I am glad that I spent it outside most of the day!
Tonight I am grateful for...
all 3 of us napping today
sitting on porches
watching the kids ride their bike
seeing 2 rows of logs on the house today
seeing Bryce's face the first time he saw the logs on the house
my beautiful picture (thank you Catherine)
being a mom (tomorrow is one of my absolute favorite days besides birthdays)
spending the day with the kids and Brian
a delicous steak dinner tonight
fondue tomorrow
Brian working on my mother's day gift (I wonder what it is)
an organized scrapbook area
scrappin 3 layouts today
good night's rest
sleeping in tomorrow
card from my Mom and Tim (thank you!)
my Mom
my Grandma
my Sister
my Mother-in-law
my Sister-in-law
all the mom's I know
my jewelry from my show arrives soon

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