Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend update

Busy Weekend...
On Saturday, we had "Aunt" Tanya's wedding shower. Bryce, Clara and I attended the shower which was beautiful. Clara is the flower girl in the wedding and Bryce is the ring bearer. They both miss Tanya and have grown to love Jimmy!Clara ate some fruit with Grammy and Faith.
Tanya and Makenna

Clara practicing holding a bouquet.

Howdy, partner!
Bridal party

Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Tanya and the kids

The happy couple! They truly seem happy... we wish them all the best. After the shower, we headed to the property because Brian said a surprise would be arriving soon that I wouldn't want to miss... it was my mom and Tim. I am so glad they were able to come down to see the house. The kids were so glad to see them as well.

Look how cute they are!

Nana and the munchkins.

View as I left yesterday... I will be heading over there again Monday night to get more pictures of progress from this weekend. Thanks for stopping by and we hope everyone has a happy Memorial day weekend.

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